Part I : When Jordane Wears Me

Hello everyone.

First I hope you are well and that you had a good weekend.


Today’s article inaugurates a rather special heading in which there will be only pieces created with my own fabrics and therefore my own prints.

It’s important for me to propose something that is in the continuity of my artistic approach and which translates my approach to the world, therefore, the narrative of what surrounds me.

I have the impression that in the fashion field there are two kinds of creators.

There are those who think clothing in terms of cut, material, adaptability to bodies and functionality although they are inspired by their environment and there are people for whom fashion is first and foremost All the narrative of their approaches to the world, a dialogue of the duality that is recounted in them.

I recognize myself in this second category of person and it is probably for this reason that I like the work of some designers like Elsa Schiaparelli whom I have spoken lately Nsqol or Alexander Mc Queen of which I will speak soon.

Creating for me is a way of meeting this aspect of my person who is there, hanging in the shadows and affecting my life. Creating is also a way of falling in love with my invisible wounds and building a narrative space for them.

I need to make sense of the things I see so as not to sink. I need to sift some good in what I perceive as a constraint and to realize that coercion is a gift that life makes me.

That’s all I’m saying, recreating plastic, artistically.

In me two people live. Nafissath Abdoulaye the artist, photographer and painter who lives in a banal atypical body (because I am not the only sick person and in the electric chair in the world) and Owolabi who is my first name Yoruba, who is sensitive to fashion, Which she sees as a silent dialogue between us and others.

When I go out I move in chair so it completely changes my perception of my environment because everything is even more tangible point of view.

Everything seems gigantic to me when I raise my head when I drive and I often feel that the buildings are rolling alongside me by sometimes locking me or that they will fall on me.

If I look at the ground it is like a treadmill full of pitfalls whose shapes are astonishing and interesting as to divert my attention from the dangerousness of what they are, ie ambushes that limit my accessibility and that I must cross at all costs to advance.

You understand, then, that the outside becomes a kind of labyrinth strewn with a few buildings that rise up and down and that I have to learn how to get out of it to get to a place where I wanted to go.

For a long time I experienced all this as a constraint, a pain, an injustice and one day I was forced to learn to take another look at my environment.

As I was going to class, my chair got stuck in the tramway and I could not move forward because it broke some of the engine.

While waiting in the rain the arrival of the technician, I began to internalize my anger, to dominate it not to insult all the people who passed by, looked at me like a curious beast (some even stopped just out of curiosity And did not offer me help (but others did) anyway, so I started to focus on other things, so the buildings around me.

By dint of gesticulating impatiently on my chair I began to see the buildings from different angles and to perceive the poetry of these buildings which one has the impression that they are the continuity of the clouds, or even that they descend from the Clouds.

We no longer notice this architectural landscape yet it is worthy of interest and rich teaching.

At that moment, I also began to read the outside world as an electronic circuit, the purpose of which would be to arrive safely by taking different paths while being aware that it would be laborious and that precisely this is where the Challenge is interesting.

In every place I go with difficulty (so to say almost everywhere outside) I have to take pictures of things that I find beautiful, interesting, disturbing sometimes, anguishing, stimulating and it allows me at the end of a day To sift out good things that are also constructive.

It is important for me to function in this way, not to drown myself in the constant dissatisfaction that my body generates, even though it is not directly responsible for the fact that there are not many efforts made For accessibility.

Suddenly, when I go back in a somewhat boring chair, I end up loving him somehow by adopting this attitude which allows me to turn my frustration into something positive.

Even when the weather is grayish, the buildings look dull and it gives something sad to the landscape I like the palette of gray that I perceive at that moment.

Over the years I have learned to cohabit with my environment and at least see it as something hostile, a hindrance to my freedom to move.


It is thus starting from this encounter between the outside and my rolling body that I tried to translate what I perceive in a plastic way and above all the multitude of emotions that jostle in me.

At the corner of a street I perceive a very colorful building but I can not reach it because it is not wheelchair accessible. Well all too bad because in the end I nevertheless draw something pretty visually.

That is why I say that YOU WEAR AN INSTANT OF ME because I like the idea that when a person carries a piece with one of my plastic creations, the complexity of shapes, color, matter, Motives, challenges and suspends the gaze of the people who observe it and that the latter say that the printed is atypical as those who also buy a piece Nsqol. I would say that at this precise moment you live and feel this state of suspension that I experience daily.

Even if people do not know, I think they have been caught, questioned and they have even a fraction of a second been me in my feelings and in my perception of my environment.

What I find interesting in the creation is that it builds (without anyone realizing it) a community of people who have the same sensibilities without necessarily being aware of it.

When I show my work to my surroundings I always learn a lot from people by pointing to which prints they are most attracted to.

They tell me then what I miss and that I do not see of them and that is there in the invisibility of their subconscious.

Those who wear a moment of me also give me a few of them implicitly and it makes me feel less alone.

Yes I work with all this reading in mind without denying the instinctive part that is in me and allows me to be surprised by the result of a print that I create.

The pieces I am going to publish in this category revolve around this whole approach to my body and everything around it.

Maybe for you it is not necessary to have as many details about my artistic approach, but for me it is important to tell the genesis of what I build today around my world of fashion designer .

Now let’s move on to one of my creations 100% Nsqol.

I had the same outfit worn by my two models, Fayçalath, my sister, Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye and Jordane N'sqol stylist - Jordane model That I no longer present you.

This outfit consists of a pencil skirt with one of my prints that draw inspiration from the buildings and the idea of the electronic circuit

And a high made with a wax cloth that I had in my wardrobe and that I already used for this maxi skirt that Jordane wears here N'sqol - Etre ou ne pas être and this skater skirt worn by Façalath here Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Fayçalath.

This look print on print which is a style that I like a lot in the fashion is therefore worn by Jordane whose curves bring a little pinup  neo-retro pinup. I have composed something that draws in the present and the past by adding a touch of wax and it is a little my idiosyncrasy (my obsession in short) to me in mode because the wax has a visual force of which I Will never tire me.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

I always like to be in this past / present swaying because looking back always helps to know from where one leaves to become aware that one is advancing.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

Accessorization is in the continuity of my approach.

A 30 year old leather bag found in an attic void, a blue duck wool hat bought rayon Zara man a few years ago and a pair of pumps bought at Bon Prix come to finish the look.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

The 2nd version really puts more emphasis on the skirt as you can see. The white neoprene top reveals even more the pattern of the skirt.

Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Jordane
Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Jordane

The line is more refined and the general appearance expresses a certain assurance but a certain rigidity nevertheless. It is an outfit that I would put to go to work if I worked in a communication agency.

This look was taken at two different times.

The first time was in the evening and it was an improvised session as there was a special atmosphere in my living room.

Fay was passing to lend me his body for photos for future articles (so today and tomorrow) and I took the opportunity to shoot other outfits for the article « My Alice in Wonderland » you can (re) read here Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Fayçalath if you missed it.

In the article I said that we were not both in shape that day and so on …

So it was a melancholic and poetic atmosphere at the same time and I took advantage of the passage of Jordane at my place to improvise this session.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

The next day I asked him to « re-lent » her body to have the same thing as what I had done with Fay the day before.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

In both versions I have constructed the image of a woman who assumes herself and who is not afraid of seeing her. She shows elegance, modernity and audacity by being a little seductive without doing too much.

So I leave you with this first part of an outfit with a printed piece made by me. It is important for me to show the evolution of my work, so I hope you enjoyed it.

Meeting tomorrow for the following with Fay who also wears the same skirt and here is a little foregaste.

Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Fayçalath

Thank you for taking the time to read this veryyyyyyyyyyyy long article.

Je vous embrasseand see you tomorrow.

Until then, TAKE CARE OF YOU.


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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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