What I wear

II : When the wax and comfortable they meets.

This outfit is typically the kind of thing that I like and I love the color of this dress.

Ma petite robe orange - by N'sqol
Ma petite robe orange – by N’sqol


However, I rarely wear this dress because when I look in the mirror I can not endure to rendering it gives my silhouette.

N'sqol - What I wear
N’sqol – What I wear

Like everyone else I need to find myself pretty in clothing and for the moment I can’t.

I still door from time to time as it is very cozy. It was sewn by me and for me so there is no point in leaving it in the closet

As I like to have a cap on the head I added this scarf in wax that I sewed quickly with a scrap of fabric found in Myrtille (a fabric store) there ten years.

The boots are nubuck bought it a few years ago at La Redoute their collection Taillissime.

N'sqol - What I wearN'sqol - What I wear

My nubuck boots from Taillissime

The earrings and vest are from Zara and leather bag was bought at a garage sale and I love it. In 100 years it will still be there.

N'sqol - What I wearMon sac en cuir que j'adore et mon foulard en wax

My vest Zara, my leather bag that I love and my scarf in wax.

On principle I show you rendering on Jordane.

N'sqol - What I wear - model: JordaneN'sqol - What I wear - model: Jordane

My dress worn by Jordane

I leave you in music with Andra Day I listen to a lot right now.

I find it too cute in this look and I especially like the top of her look, makeup and hair but I still like the whole. She has a crazy voice.

I go, I’ll lose yourself me elsewhere.

N'sqol by N'sqol
N’sqol by N’sqol

Kisses. Nafi.

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