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I : When the dripping and the minimal meets.



I want to be like Eminem and get rid of my fears, not to be afraid

I decided to devote myself a rubric to show from time to time what I wear or I’ll end up persuading me that the person that I should stay in the shade.

So today I present my first super simple look.

Not being valid and big in more it is not easy to dress like I want.

So much to say honestly, I‘m often frustrated to outfits in default of (which happens a little too often) and although I always manage to have one made coherent I am not satisfied so far because what I wear is not ideally what I‘d put in since I have other medical constraints that are not visible.

This is probably why I show me bit and then honestly it’s not exciting not fully see an outfit although even when seen in part as moving electric chair.

The result on someone valid allows to see the details there and others and it is the case in cutting the top as you can see on Jordane whom I asked to wear it, so you can see the rendering of a standing person.

……………………Top by N'sqol Top by N'sqol - model: Jordane

Top by N’sqol

There are worse things in life but it frustrates me and I can not help but say because I want people to understand how not having the choice is not simple. Short!

First, as is my habit, I will explain to those who do not know what the dripping.

Initially this is an artistic technique of spilling paint on a canvas by mastering his own gestures.

Dripping by Jackson Pollock
Dripping by Jackson Pollock

I talked about it a long time ago in an article because I performed the same procedure on a Jordane dress that you can see here.

N'sqol - Dripping dress
N’sqol – Dripping dress

The dripping was known internationally by Jackson Pollock but one that really creates this technique is Janet Sobel is an American artist of the early 20th century.
It is part of the Abstract Expressionist painters and therefore it is to her that we owe the invention of dripping.


A few years later Pollock popularized the technique being photographed in his studio by Hans Namut, greaaaaaaat German photographer too little known to the public but whose photos are known because he has photographed countless celebrities and especially contemporary artists.

Above Jackson Pollock left, Hans Namuth right.

Here are some pictures of Pollock by Hans Namuth

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.


It is therefore natural that the fashion world is seized dripping because it is a technique that offers immense possibilities in terms of print.

The latest in a view marketed fashion accessories, drawing the dripping are the brand Zadig & Voltaire who released 2/3 years ago (I think) a collection of women’s bags called Sunny Pollock.

Sac Sunny Pollock - Zadig et Voltaire
Sac Sunny Pollock – Zadig et Voltaire

In the 70s Roy Halston also released a collection with print Dripping.

Roy Halston
Roy Halston

So after this little summary I think you see perfectly what the dripping and you have at one time or another seen a piece with this type of printed or perhaps saw an exposition of Pollock.

To integrate the fine arts I designed twenty works by inspiring me of this technique so I have a mastery of gesture.

It is natural that I started to transcribe on fabrics when I lived in Rennes and I recently returned to work this technique because I wanted to regain my clothes.

This brown shirt has been printed out of this process.

I wanted to minimal with a touch of printed so I made in the very simple with this comfortable skinny jeans from H & M associated with the top made by N’sqol (ie ME) and I ‘ve completed my look with a pair of derbies in leather, bronze color that I have been given long ago by my beloved sister and were purchased from Shoesissime.

N'sqol - What i wear N'sqol - What i wear

Derbies in bronze-colored leatherShoesissime

Accessories I wore my birthday present, a canotier from the latest collection of Zara man that I loooooooove and a little DIY cape (designed by me) made with two large scarves purchased last winter at H & M. I measure 68.11 inches so it is perfect.
Ma cape DIY
Ma cape DIY

The look is a bit androgynous I naturally wanted to use my satchel sky 70s bought in a garage sale that I like enormously.

Mon sac année 70 acheté en vide grenier
Mon sac année 70 chopé dans un vide grenier

Makeup it just a little bit of home to Kiko foundation with a lipstick a little burgundy brown and dull. because I find that the mat is always elegant. I’m not at all make-up and more I don’t know do my makeup so I always do the bare minimum and above all I need to recognize me if I look in a mirror.

In future articles in this section I would be more laconic unless sometimes I need to detail something.

That was me and what I usually wear.


N'sqol - What I wear
N’sqol by N’sqol

Je vous embrasse.


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