VENI VIDI Pulp Fashion Week

The consecrated formula says:

Veni vidi vici but as my victory leaves me with a bitter taste I say to myself that the main thing is to give my vision of the Pulp Fashion Week, the way things went for me and what came out of it.

First of all, Hello everyone.

After taking a few days of rest after the show, it’s time for me to give a post-Fashion Week feedback and involve Jordane as she participated as a model.
As I told you in the previous article I was invited by Blanche Kazi participated in the Pulp Fashion Week which took place on September 30th and October 1st in Paris at Espace Vianey.
For those who do not know it, Pulp Fashion Week was created 5 years ago by Blanche Kazi.

Here are some essential information to know about Blanche.

« Seamstress daughter Blanche Kazi has worked with fashion for many years.
A woman of influence, manager, entrepreneur and committed feminist, she launched Pulp Fashion Week in 2013 with a group of girlfriends, starting from the observation that fashion in France was in great need of diversity and freshness. Blanche remains mobilized to de-categorize fashion so that it is sooner or later open to all morphologies. « 

So let’s go back to today’s article.

She (Blanche) decided to organize a fashion show every year in the continuity of Fashion Week but with the specificity that the parade would be made only by women (and men) of all sizes and shapes because it It must be recognized that fashion must be represented by those who are the majority.

She also says that the parade is there to celebrate the diversity of people regardless of gender and size.

Following my work for a few years now, she invited me to present my first collection and wanted me to participate and compete for the prize of the young designer of the year.

I won the prize but today it leaves me a bitter taste and when I see it in my living room I rather feel that this victory reminds me of my defeat.

Let’s get right back to the topic and talk about the Pulp Fashion Week and how things really happened.

I decided to associate Jordane because even if we had the same event, what I didn’t like (and believe me there were a lot of things that I didn’t like) isn’t necessarily the same thing as her.

As I have a lot to say about the Pulp I thought it would be better to make a small video.

So post my story Post Fashion Week.

I am really sorry in advance because I know that it will hurt Blanche and her team, my intention here is not to hurt her but to really say how I felt things and especially the violence with which I lived them.

I leave you with our story in videos and I hope that this return will help to improve this event.

Great week everyone.

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