Two styles because once is not custom

Hello everybody!

I start the week gently by posting two looks very simple although very different that will allow each to have his preference.

All women worthy of this name has a heart that balances between two or even several outfit every day and for my part it is more at the beginning of the week that I am like that.

So here are two styles between which (in an ideal world) I will hesitate at the beginning of the week.

So I start with the 1st that I liked to build at first but with hindsight, I find that it is too « lady » on Jordane although it remains pretty.

It’s an elegant look which I think is suitable to go to work.

As usual I mixed the male / female codes by combining a white shirt and a hat from Zara man to a small waistcoat bought, and once is not customary, at Kiabi (a French brand that I don’t like it especially because I think they lack modernity especially in the large size, even if they make efforts)

I have been taking a tour there recently and frankly I was surprised by some parts that I found very pretty.

I am not a FAN of Kiabi who is a sign that honestly I do not like at all because the majority of the time I find that lack of modernity, inventiveness and quality of their clothes is not very good .

Certainly price / quality ratio and it goes on the market there are worse but the fact remains that for my part I think they could do better.

It seems that it is in any case what they are trying to do and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by some pieces that were very nice and more current.

I liked this camel color vest because I was looking for one like this for a while because it is the kind of room that can be associated with many things.

For this look it seemed perfect on a shirt because it breaks a little-righteousness of the shirt by bringing a touch of comfort-attitude while remaining feminine.


Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Jordane
Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Jordane

Of course the blue night pencil skirt is a NSQOL creation.

To finish the dress I stayed in the same color codes with this bag of the mark Parfois, a small bracelet found in an empty attic, a borsalino of an old collection of Zara man whose prints are in perfect resonance with the outfit, a necklace from an old Mango collection and a pair of patent pumps from Bonprix.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

In retrospect I would modify small things so that it suits me better because I find that this outfit has a small side Corinne Touzet in « Une femme d’honneur » (A woman of honor, a french TV series), in short it is a modern version and a little city dress « Gendarmette« .

Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Jordane
Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Jordane

It may be in my head but I am not convinced by the result although I like certain elements.

Let’s move on to the second outfit that I looooooooooooooooove.

It is a set that plays around a red-brick-salmon camaieu.

I like this outfit because it combines several things.

Comfort, elegance, audacity, femininity and art thanks to the intervention of the visual artist that I am.

I wanted to build something bright and simple at once while playing a bit on the textures.

Zoom sur le tissu du top
Zoom sur le tissu du top / Zoom on the fabric of the top

First know that the set is a 100% NSQOL creation.

I modified the skirt color by creating this red-orange colored camaieu which is not necessarily perceptible in photos.

N'sqol print - Jupe tanguari rouge orangé
N’sqol print – Zoom sur l’imprimé de la jupe tanguari rouge orangé

Zoom on the print of the red orange tanguari skirt


I worked a long time on the fabric to have this subtle but pregnant print nevertheless. This skirt is part of the few pieces offered for sale on my etsy that I will replenished.

As I like things a little old style, I made to the top this form of sleeves that I found interesting on a dress worn in a film of Otto Preminger.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

I find that they bring a certain theatricity to the line, which gives the whole a somewhat audacious dimension, at least for people who follow discreet colors.

I avoided doing in the frills by accessorizing because the outfit is self-sufficient.

As in the 1st look I stayed in the same color ranges by proposing two types of belts and bags.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane


The idea here is to say once again that we can wear the same outfit for two different situations or places on the same day and by modifying small things, we can have a rendering adapted to the events of life.

If I had time I would have modified the shoes and I would have put on jackets, so this will certainly be the subject of an upcoming article.

Anyway my heart leans more for the second outfit although the first I like too.

Which one do you prefer?

While waiting to read your reviews I leave you and wish you a very good start to the week.

Je vous embrasse and take care of you.

Nafissath aka/alias NSQOL


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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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