To suspend the evanescence of life one must carry it on oneself

Today I tell you about a very nice brand discovered on Instagram, SOI PARIS.

First Hello everyone.

I hope you have started well your week. If this is not the case, I hope that my article today will bring you a little sweetness.

Of all the social networks, Instagram is the one I love the most because people translate very nicely their identity.

The strength of an image is not to be debated, and it can often summarize a whole universe.

The brands have understood this and it is a simpler and more direct way of telling each other and allowing people to follow the lead of their creative and artistic approaches.

After telling you about Basus discovered on insta, which I will talk to you soon, today I put the spotlight « Soi paris » which is a brand of women’s clothing and I had a real heart for her.

SOI Paris was created by two sisters, Julia the artist and Aurélie who manages the commercial side and also commuting management, which is the art of knowing how to federate people around a project by enabling them to understand the creational process there upstream.

The community manager (for those who do not know) is a fertile person for a brand because it makes it possible to make the link between the creator often enclosed in its bubble and its potential clients.

The fact that there is no emotional involvement as strong as the creator or artistic director makes it possible to promote the « product » with accuracy and efficiency while at the same time being a rampart to the permanent doubts that invade the creator.

To launch a brand with his sister I think it has to be complex and reassuring at the same time because we know how one or the other works.

For my part I dream of being relieved of the commercial part because I think I would go faster for the advance of Nsqol.

Well, let’s go back to the girls and their wonderful brand.


Julia et Aurélie - Soi Paris
Julia et Aurélie – Soi Paris

Apparently everything seems to contrast them, but it’s only an appearance because they are indisputably complementary in the functional dynamics of their brand.

Aurélie, thanks to a very beautiful way to communicate, knew to be the one that invites us to take his hand to take us in walk in the garden of the memories of his sister but also (and certainly) his.

Julia is the artist who is a rampart to the evanescence of memories of life. She is the artistic director of the brand.
From this pragmatic functioning for the one, contemplative and romantic for the other was born Soi Paris.


I want to make clear that using the term contemplative is not synonymous with naivety or evaporated person.
For me it implies learning to look at all the interacting things that make sense in our history and to seize or even extract wealth to make it strong and give meaning to the memories of life, sublimate and poetise in some way Life.

In any case that’s how I read their approach and I get the plastic interpretation that Julia makes of her moments of life.

However if you want to know more about them you just have to click here.


Why do I love Soi-Paris?

First, I would like to begin by saying that I find it profoundly generous to share with clients a moment as precious as a wedding by taking a piece of the lace from her wedding dress (that of Julia) to transcribe the print On a fabric in order to make a pretty piece loaded with the presence of a particular moment.

It is also beautiful and moving to create fabrics with printed designs of a childhood, recipes from their grandmother, teddy bear that occupy a good part of the bed of Julia.


You can find lots of other memories of life, transcribed on silk here and believe me it speaks to our collective imagination.

The emotional charge is very strong and one can in no way doubt the sincerity of the finished « product ».

Soi Paris can in no way be associated with something basely mercantile.

It’s not just clothes, it’s sharing their stories, their lives, scents, tastes, enchanted parentheses that make us remind ourselves that it’s important to remember pretty things.

To adhere to their approach, to understand it and to grasp its senses (the essence) is somehow to be part of the family.

They reactivate the memory of our childhood and give preciosity to the events of life whose importance is not always measured.

The piece that I liked the most and that I dreamed of being able to order me to measure because I am big and that there is little chance that there is my size, it is the shirt with the printed ‘At first I took for Aztec totems, but that was at the beginning.

In fact my favorite for this piece is related to my own story because I discovered that these motifs that I took for totems are actually small bottles of perfumes and it brought me back 30 years ago.

As I am 40 years old the emotion was great behind the screen of my phone and I remember having had tears in my eyes and being told that I would have liked to think about it.

We do not explore enough the silent memory and yet there of our life.

No doubt the fear of plunging into the ills of childhood, but that is another subject…

In any case it is a very nice idea that Julia had and it is rich of tenderness and transmission of stories of Women, from mothers to daughters.

When I was little, I remember that my mother had many boxes of the same style that my father offered him at each return trip.

They could be found at Sephora and others or in Duty Free at airports. Maybe it still exists.

There were between 5 and 10-12 little fragrances of great brands in a rectangular box that my mother used sparingly.

My eyes of children understood the rarity of the object and I confess that today I would like to have boxes like this, as far as I would like to live those moments with my daughter if I had one .

It is from this time that my obsessions come to me for the little things I collect over time and that my companion helps to maintain with love.

It was also during this same period that I discovered a real passion for perfumes, in particular Anaïs Anaïs de Cacharel, which was the most precious perfume of my childhood, that is to say, the smell of my mother.

« Soi Paris » has reactivated all this in me and I must say that it has a little softened and lightened my heart anxious.

This brand is like a cloud of peace and sweetness in my head and that is why I wanted to talk about it on the blog.

I must say that in recent years I am interested in the trace, the one we leave and the one that life leaves us and who makes who we are.

Since they made me want to re-remember pretty things I listen to the music that have staked my adolescence and my entry into adulthood.

So I leave you with songs that are part of my playlist from the moment of music that I listen to all the time and that before I stopped listening for reasons that I do not explain.



I add this last song which is the one I am listening to as I write this post. It was my companion who made me discover it and I think it’s perfect for my article.


I hope that I would have made you want to discover Soi Paris and that you will love this brand that I like very much. Some extracts of what happens on their instagram.

Click on these images to discover their page Instagram

Soi Paris Soi Paris

Take care of yourself and see you soon for my new account of the things of life.

Nafissath alias Nsqol.


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