(Contest over) The only real elegance is in the mind

The only real elegance is in the mind;
If you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.


The CONTEST is OVER, Thanks to all those who participated and sorry for those who could not validate their comments. The results will be given during the day.

Hello everybody.

We are just a few days from the start of the holiday season and it’s clearly the time to spoil you because I feel carried by all of you and your encouragement so there comes a time when one must know to say THANK YOU with a simple present .

First Thanks for spreading my work. Thank you for reading me because my articles are often cobblestones.

Well yes I am lucid, loooooooool !

I know you read me because during our conversations in private messaging you ask me questions in the continuity of what I wrote and it is pleasant and rewarding like feeling to realize that you take the trouble to read me And especially the weather.

Thank you for taking me when I am on the ground psychologically and physically and I no longer have the strength to get up and move on.

To launch her brand, to make herself known, to be a blogger in parallel, all this takes a lot of sacrifices and the entourage pays the expenses even if they all know that there is a project that is built behind all this.

Have morale drops like I’ve had in recent months (and still have) and feel motivated by all of you is a chance and a precious gift that I cherish.

At the end of the year I would like to thank you for all this love, to offer you 3 gifts to choose from in the series of pictures below.

A skater skirt in wax for fans of Wax.

(You will find in legend the name of each)

A skirt from my capsule collection that was put on sale in August or a simple pencil skirt that I will make you customized knowing that my choices of colors are as follows.

A neck collar/necklace whose ruffles have been made by hand by me who dresses a garment in the second or wears it. Here are some photos so that you get an idea of the rendering on a garment.

I also add one picture of me with one of my necklaces although I concede that the tee-shirt was not the most suitable. It is well known that shoemakers are the worst off.


Make your choice on the 4 neck collar below and the rest will soon be available on my esty-shop for those who would like to be a bit original for the evening of 31 and for everyday life.

Voici un petit aperçu de ce que peuvent donner ces colliers sur une robe.
Voici un petit aperçu de ce que peuvent donner ces colliers sur une robe.

Here is a little glimpse of what these necklaces can give on a dress.


To win one of these pieces, you need:

1 : Subscribe to my Facebook page 2-facebook and Instagram 1-instagram and share this contest on your Facebook.

2 : Find out what Nsqol means and to help you know that I said in a recent article about a children’s clothing brand, KHO-MABBY Koh Mabby.

3: Tell me which style you like most in mode (even if it is not necessarily something you would dare to put) and what you like least in mode and if you have time and envy tell me in a few words why one and the other.

4: Just tell me which skirt would you like among those proposed in this article. I will contact the winner by mail to have her size.

You have until Sunday midnight (French time) to participate and invite as many friends as possible to join you.

I specify that these are skirts midis, therefore longer than the classic skater skirt.

Their length is indicated below the skirt and if necessary I will shorten.

Here are the girls. Hate to read you and especially to spoil you for all the kindness that you show towards me.



Je vous embrasse and take care of yourself.

Happy Holidays from Year End.

Nafissath ALIAS Nsqol


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