The little denim dress

or is this the David Copperfield syndrome

There are a few times I talked about this denim dress of Jordane in this article. N'sqol - Minimal sinon rien

Today I wanted to present it in a more feminine style.

First hello girls.

As I said in intro I decided to devote an article in one of my designs that I like most and that was one of the first orders of Jordane.

When I see on Jordane I’m a little excited and I realize all the progress made.

I had never worked the jeans until the command of Jordane and I must say I was very stressed hurting and especially to have an inadequate cutting its morphology but the end result pleased her and I ‘ was also very satisfied and relieved that it meets their expectations.

Jordane wanted a strong piece that she could put with any and all seasons and could put even gaining weight.

The simple dress and blue night was my first thought as she wished and there is a certain rigidity in the outfit, jeans with a little elastane is the perfect fabric for it, so she can grow without however be ridiculous.

She also wanted a minimum top but with N’sqol hand it could also bring with everything and I’ve done it.

I will introduce more fully in another article but in the meantime you can see here in the article on Jordane. Mai 2015

This dress was designed in 2014 and the photos were taken in May 2014.

Since Jordane has grown but accepted that I make this article because, she believes that her weight issues that fluctuate according to her state of being part of it and there is no reason to hide it.


I told her I was going to call the article David Copperfield, because the readers would wonder how she went from the physical in the same dress to physics.

Jordane dans sa robe en jeans, en 2014 à gauche; à droite maintenant.
Jordane dans sa robe en jeans, en 2014 à gauche; à droite maintenant.

Jordane in her jeans dress in 2014 on the left; to the right now.

Anyway, despite her weight gain I think this dress goes well to Jordane today than 2 years ago.

So I wanted to show you the most feminine version of Jordane in this dress I accessorized minimally.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by Jordane

For once I do a little poll.

What accessorizing do you prefer?

The first = white belt, black bag and blue shoes

2nd = brown obi belt, brown bag and yellow shoes

3rd version that is for me my favorite neon orange belt, blue bag and blue shoes.


Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Voila I let you vote for the beauty of movement and it will give me an idea of what you like best.


Take care and see you soon.

Je vous aimebraaaaaassse.

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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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