Suddenly I just realized

It’s been a while since I haven’t posted any wax fabric.


Hello everyone and as usual I also wish you a good day.

It’s spring cleaning on my computer and fortunately I‘m doing because it allowed me to find completely forgotten looks folders as is the case for this article.

The photos were taken at the end of last summer I think. At the time I had not posted them simply by what we starting to lock myself in the « ethnic » box and suddenly it blocked me.

I like the Wax (but not only) and having been reduced to a point to someone who essentially outfits with fabric « African » scared me then and despite my immense love of wax, I do not wear much in the end. 

Jordane in contrast, wears it almost all the time.

It is thus quite naturally that it has bought the tissue in Myrtille (a fabric shop) there are a little over a year and she gave me free card to do what I want for her.

So I decided to make it a « simple » top she could associate with many things and with the rest of fabric I sewed a straight dress she brought a lot this winter. I‘ll show you soon.

Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye

I therefore propose 3 looks with the top that are extremely simple (although it is a relative term for me) and elegant. Loved create and photograph them.

If I put a quotation mark to top « simple » overit is because the piece has a somewhat original cut to give a report to the unexpected look and bring a little more interesting thing to be content with print.

Picture by Naffissath Abdoulaye

I knew the design and bring a atypism / an originality to any piece in which it is associated and it is this feature that I always look for in a garment.

In the first look photographed in the garden « des fonderies » (foundries) which is a place that I love to Nantes I as my usual mixed male / female codes.

I created a very simple set, elegant and functional associating the top to yellow velvet pants Jordane bought it a few years ago from Bonprix.

Velvet can thicken a body depending on the color and I think yellow is one that thickens the least although paradoxically it focuses the eye.

Initially the pant had an unflattering cut, as he ended a little as elephant‘s legs as you can see.

(Actually the elephant’s leg side of the pants was more obvious in these photos, Jordane can confirm)
Not finding it aesthetic I proposed to Jordane make it more tapered in order to have a more elegant and slender look and she immediately accepted and was satisfied with the result, besides she looove me repeat that it has nothing more to do with the first version of the pants.

Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Since she wears it almost all the time whereas before there was something that displeased her in the pants and fortunately meantime I have identified.

Below you can see all the looks that have been made with these pants.

récap pantalon jaune bonprix looks nsqol
Look 1
; Look2 ; Look 3 ; Look 4 ; Look 5
After this small retrospective I return to my looks today.

Finally the 1st version I added my recurring hat from Zara man that I love so much and I think it gives a modern effect (although it emanates from him something a little outdated) but remains timeless and brings that whatever unexpected at all.

Side accessories I opted for simple and effective things being in the continuity of color codes that can adapt depending on where it goes and I find that both work. After everyone to choose the version they prefer.

The second whole keeps the same base but this time I put more emphasis on « ethnic » side of the wax by putting a scarf Jordane and again I love rendering.

The third version is a whole with pants made me fabric Milano ocher and a hat that gives this little side Boyish I like in a woman’s garment. The fabric of this pants was used to sew this dress.Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye


The bag is a bag of doctor spirit it comes from the collection of last year of Parfois brand, that really made things very pretty. I built an outfit that can be worn to work that is comfortable and original simultaneously.

Here is Part 1 looks with this top.

The suite is with pencil skirts and happen soon.

In the meantime I hope you have enjoyed these early versions.

Je vous embrasse and Take care of you and see you soon.


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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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