She wanted an orange dress

Ok it’s cold, ok we still carry our jackets and other but I feel in Nantes a little spring air, so I wanted to tell you about the little orange dress printed.

First Hello readers dear to my heart.

I hope you go and no matter where the main thing is to move forward …

Today’s dress was made last summer for Jordane. The series of photos also from elsewhere.

Jordane loves print, perhaps even more than I do. In fact, I would rather say that we do not like the same type of print. Short!

She saw the print of the dress in a shop selling fabrics and immediately cracked.

She bought a few meters because she wanted to have a dungarees with this print and wished to try New hipster looks starting from her combi shorts.
After designing the overalls her hipster attitude was the subject of an article you can read here. Since that happened.

Here is an overview of the overalls in question in the article New Hipster


So there remained fabric with this print and a fall of this milano that I like very much with which I designed a pallazo pant (wide and ample pants) that I like very much that Jordane carries here in this set Nsqol of the head at the feet.

Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye
Ensemble N’sqol – Top en jean et pallazzo pant N’sqol

As she wanted an orange dress last summer and I had the falls at my disposal I sewed it. Personally I am not a big fan of this print that I find a little too childish but mixed in this way made me like it a little more.

When Jordane wore the dress I was not satisfied with the final rendering and I was looking for THE detail that would bring a little more character to the set. The wool beret bought at Galeries Lafayette seemed to be a no-brainer and I like the end result.

The day of taking these photos Jordane was going I do not know too much where in the evening and needed a little trick to protect himself if he was a little chilly without getting cluttered with a jacket.

I had this snood that I had just finished making and I found that the colors resonated with the print of the fabric of the blow I lent it to him with the requirement that she paid attention there as I wanted sell it. Besides, he left soon enough when I put it on sale.

As I liked the result I took the set and tadaaaa here is the orange dress sprinkled with printed and fluo.


So you like it or not?

On this questioning end I go in speed 5 but I come back soon.

Take care of yourself. Je vous embrasse.


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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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