Hello everyone.

While waiting to post a little video in the week to tell you my vision of the Pulp Fashion in which I participated at the end of September, I propose you an outfit that was brought in August by Jordane and me.

Today, therefore, two bodies for the same outfit are honored.

Burgundy and colors shades are two things that I like very much in fashion because visually this confers a dimension at once purified and elegant at the pace. We have little chance of making a mistake of taste and it offers more possibilities to accessorize with a hint of audacity an outfit in addition to bring an original touch to the set.

The first look presented is that of Jordane who wanted to reproduce my look that she immediately liked.

Jordane being rather girly she naturally associated with holding a pair of pumps bought at Bonprix and a bag Parfois she borrowed me.

I liked the rendering and it looks like Jordane, the art of being sexy by being totally covered.

Place now to the original version, ie my look.

If my look was a song for Jordane it would be Who Run the world (Girls) because among other things of the first version with my woolen cap in gray-green color.

I understand what she means because it imposes something rather authoritarian to the general look and the jacket Bordeaux that is my creation supports this feeling.

I wanted to wear an outfit that expresses strength, the affirmation of a personality that lives in me. So I understand why Jordane immediately thought of Beyonce’s song because there is that warrior side, a determined woman who does not need to be told what to do, what to be, what to wear.

I really like this outfit because it allows me to say « already I am visible in my electric chair but I want you to know that I will not be so much more discreet not to disturb you ».

I also like it because I feel comfortable in it because this jegging from Asos is a second skin so the material is nice. Honestly it’s not so simple to find comfortable clothes when you’re in a wheelchair and this piece is one of the few clothes that I enjoy wearing without feeling embedded in it.

Now that I have finished blazing on this outfit I file to prepare my feedback post Pulpfashionweek.

Meanwhile I leave you with Miss Beyonce

Take care of yourself and good early week.

Je vous embrasse.



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