Here we are, in a few days I will scroll to the Pulp Fashion week my collection.

Above all Hello to all

I hope most of you had a good start to September.

September this year will be a special moment for me, because from the 30th of September to the 1st of October I will be in Paris to show my collection during the Pulp Fashion Week in which I participate this year.

I was invited to participate by Blanche KAZI founder of this event. So I will compete as a young designer with 3 other brands I think.

I already talked about the event in this article if you ever didn’t know it..

A few months ago I shared the information with enthusiasm but I must admit that since it happened a lot of things in my life in addition to other findings that have somewhat « bothered me » what makes that the craze is much less.

I still keep in mind that this is an opportunity to spread my work to a wider audience.

Even if my brand and my work are known now, not being too present on the social networks my visibility isn’t as important as I would like it. So it’s a chance and a good challenge to take on the Pulp fashion week.

It’s also for me to make myself more present but I do many things alone so in an ideal world I would have to offer the services of a community manager to let me know a little more because I cannot to be everywhere at once and lately I am more aware than ever.

The summer and the month of September have been extremely stressful for me.

As the majority of people who follow me know, I am very sick besides being a person in an electric wheelchair.

It’s important for me to specify that because you can be in an electric wheel without being sick. Im in an electric wheelchair because I’m suffering from polio sequelae but I was born with congenital diseases and with time other pathologies have appeared like my kidney problems and so on.

I have kidney failure and in recent months things have accelerated and my kidneys are only working at 30% in addition to a major liver problem that I will have to take care of urgently after the parade of Pulp after negotiating with my doctors not to be hospitalized for 4 months (from August to the end of November) as they wished.

It’s very complicated to manage this kidney failure every day because I have very, very, very bad pain all the time, despite the use of painkillers and treatments, and I am extremely tired to such an extent that even lifting a glass with water in it is exhausting me.

It’s about how difficult everyday and life-related tasks are right now. Jordane who sees me daily observes and finds how much it requires me to take on me to build this collection.

I spent the summer going back and forth to the hospital with my companion and when I returned the evening of a day of hospitalization day hospital I chained on the preparation of the Pulp.

The desire to cancel my participation has crossed my mind many times but worn by my entourage I cling to go after this project because it’s important for me to tell my vision of fashion, the body What kind of women I like to embody.

8/9 years ago when I started in fashion, my first goal was to finally propose a garment serving the body and not the opposite.

I think that in a few years I demonstrated it by making different women’s body shapes look identical. Moreover, the few photos below you make the demonstration.


Création et stylisme par Nafissath A. alias N’sqol/Design & stylism by Nafissath A. alias N’sqol ; Vêtements portés par les modèles Jordane, Fayçalath et Laurie/Clothing worn by the models Jordane, Fayçalath and Laurie

It’s time for me to show an audience what my creations are worth in the real world.

I take this opportunity to say « to people » (which I am sure they will recognize if they still have a semblance of honesty) that I’m glad to know that this slogan has finally become an axiom for some brands that have pushed the thing up to resume this formula by creating an ersatz and to act as if it was theirs and they revolutionized fashion.

Yes I have bitterness but I feel especially blasitude in the face of this intellectual laziness and this ability to appropriate things in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fashion is really a bad environment for the psyche if we take the trouble and / or make the mistake like me to look deeply.

In September one of my resolutions that I want to hold is to really learn to protect myself but not let myself go. Today more than ever I have a clear conscience about my approach as an artist / designer.

The end of the month will therefore open, I wish it in any case, a new chapter in my life and I hope it will take me far. I will work to achieve the goals I have set myself.

While waiting to discover my collection I leave you with some images of what is the universe NSQOL.

Création et stylisme par Nafissath A. alias N’sqol/Design & stylism by Nafissath A. alias N’sqol ; Vêtements portés par les modèles Fayçalath & Jordane/Clothing worn by the model Fayçalath & Jordane

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Welcome to new readers.

Take care of yourself and see you soon.


I leave you with some more pictures of the Nsqol universe.



Création et stylisme par Nafissath A. alias N’sqol/Design & stylism by Nafissath A. alias N’sqol ; Vêtements portés par les modèles Jordane, Laurie & Fayçalath/Clothing worn by the models Jordane, Laurie & Fayçalath

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Création et stylisme par Nafissath A. alias N’sqol/Design & stylism by Nafissath A. alias N’sqol ; Vêtements portés par le modèle Jordane/Clothing worn by the model Jordane


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Design & stylism by N’sqol

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