Print and boyish style


Today’s look is the mix of several things I like in fashion, wax, hats of men, babydoll clothes and pencil skirts.

The boyish style for those who don’t know is the trend we saw many years ago 2 around which was to take parts in the male wardrobe.

Eg the basic style is the boyish trousers skinny jeans combined with a white shirt taking in the closet her boyfriend. To finish the look we added more masculine blazer (preferably) and a mid-floppy hat – mid-cowboy hat.

To summarize the boyish style is just a look a bit tomboy, without being androgynous for all that.

Below 4 typically boyish looks.

My look of today is inspired by this trend that I love and that I had before the arrival of this trend.

When I went to college in Rennes (France) I wore shirts with ties and overalls that I associated with ballerinas and a head scarf. So I was mixing my style already.

My outfit of today so imprint accessories in men that I associate with feminine pieces.

The whole is very simple. It consists of an elastic pencil skirt at the waist and a babydoll top that can be worn as a mini dress with opaque tights and a pair of high boots. If I were valid and less tall (I measure 1m73) maybe I would have done….

N'sqol - Print et boyish style
Ma fameuse jupe fourreau qui est comme une seconde peau.


Top en wax et jupe fourreau N'sqol
Top en wax et jupe fourreau N’sqol

I immediately loved the printed wax in this top and I knew he would fulfill the function of strong piece in an outfit and the result proves that I was right.

As long I put my pencil skirt and I have bloused it a little in the skirt to give it a more interesting shape as you can see on Jordane below.
N'sqol - Print et boyish style N'sqol - Print et boyish style
Mon top en wax et ma jupe fourreau sur Jordane

If I had not done that rendering was a bit strange and it would have packed me in my electric wheelchair.

N'sqol - Print et boyish style

To break this very feminine whole I associated with this straw hat seen here N'sqol - What I wear from the current collection of Zara man.

N'sqol - Print et boyish style

I hesitated with another wool hat always the man collection from Zara winter 2014 and I opted for the first straw at the last minute leaving.

N'sqol - Print et boyish style

N'sqol - Print et boyish style
My pair of derbies broken camel and off-white leather bought from chauss mini-maxi last year was perfect for my look because it was a continuation of the same colors.

Mes derbies de chez chauss' mini maxi
Mes derbies de chez chauss’ mini maxi

To finish the look I contented myself of my bag from « Parfois«  and this beige cardigan from Zara that never leaves me, I wear in all seasons and is a kind of security blanket garment that reassures me and allows me to cover up a bit my arms which complex me enormously.

If one day he took me want to do cosmetic surgery it will be in my arms because my skin is increasingly falling as I am losing weight. Brief!

I let you watch the rest of my outfit below.




Voila, it was what I wore.

I embrace you and thank you for welcoming the 1st article I posted in this topic.

Take care of yourself. Nafissath.

N'sqol - Print et boyish style

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