Hello everybody

First I hope you are well and that you had a good weekend.

If it has not been the case, give yourself a moment of sweetness by bringing into your mind something that makes you infinitely good.

Music, food, reading, the voice of someone you love, a moment of life on the street, wear a color you like and …

There is inevitably something (even if it’s stealthy) that brings you a certain well-being, reboots, makes you laugh out loud and sometimes even gives you hope.

So here is my advice of the day to start the week if you are not at the top of your form.

I for one I spent a weekend meh and what made me good at the time when I write this article (2/04/2017 at 12H32) is to exchange via instagram with my Little sister and laugh at not being able to sketchs of Ruby (a French humorist). If you do not know who this young woman is, you just have to click here or here.

Let’s move on to my look of the day.

Nafissath Abdoulaye Alias N’sqol

It is typically the kind of outfit that makes it possible to begin the week in a gentle way.

Nafissath Abdoulaye Alias N’sqol

At first I feel good in it even if in an ideal world I would have liked to associate it otherwise so that it corresponded more to my visual identity.

Nafissath Abdoulaye Alias N’sqol

It is composed of a sheath skirt colored old rose heathered I sewed years ago and a burgundy sweater bought a few months ago to 10€ at H & M.

I love the camaïeux in a look because it is pretty and elegant. Is focused less on the color point side to the extent it is the same color which is worked with different shades.

I have modernized all this with a timeless by wearing a pair of derbies leather but pastel pink color is not common it brings something a little original and at the same time harmonious in the continuity of my color code.

The wearing of the scarf lengthens a little the overall silhouette and sits a stronger visual identity I find.

I finished the look with this 70 year old retro bag bought in an attic void and a pair of wooden earrings that I like a lot.

The bag associated with the derbies allows to have a small preppy side in the general pace that I like enough.

So how little by little I begin to tame the pink.

Have a good start to the week. I shall soon return to tell you a moment of me.

Take care of yourself. Je vous embrasse.





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