Nafissath abdoulaye AKA N'SQOL
Nafissath abdoulaye AKA N’SQOL


I hope you are well and that you spend a lovely holiday for those who have taken.

Although we are in the middle of summer and it is in September that usually has news, I decided for myself that I would not wait the return to formalize
MY SHOP ETSY who already IS ONLINE for a while.

I few talked about because I was waiting for the right time, that is to say TODAY, where I can officially announce by being proud COMMERCIALIZE the N’SQOL identity.

For all the people who follow me for a while you know who N’SQOL, more precisely who is NAFISSATH ABDOULAYE, THE DESIGNER OF THE N’SQOL BRAND.

Nafissath abdoulaye AKA N'SQOL
Nafissath abdoulaye AKA N’SQOL

For new readers I present myself succinctly even if you can learn more about me here

My name is Abdoulaye Nafissath, I live and work in Nantes (in France for the foreign readers) and I created the brand N’SQOL 5 years ago now.

I come from the world of art because I am initially a photographer and the two favorite subjects of my photographs are the bodies and buildings.

The two are inevitably linked and intertwined in so far it is the reason for each one leading to their existence. No body there would not build shelters to put into it.

The body is in any case the basis of humanity and civilization thus the desire to sublimate never lose.

It is from of a quest for understanding of the body, after having taken different roads, I arrived in the world of fashion that has always fascinated me.

There are about ten years I started to have the desire to tell my own vision of fashion and it is only 5 years ago was that I started to realize this dream with the ambition to create my own brand.

thus today I begin a new chapter of this project close to my heart and which I hope will lead me far worn by people who follow me for a while and believe in me.

For this first capsule collection (if I can call it that) I decided to design simple, elegant pieces Maxi skirts and midi skirts with prints were made by me.

I present you and you can acquire them in my Etsy shop (which is temporary) because in the months to come I would have a merchant site and things that I hope you will like them and I think so because I’m happy see you like my universe.

Let’s get into the heart of the matter

I have immense pride and joy especially to present my skirts from two collections, TANGUARI AND OBELS.

The first maxi skirt COLLECTION TANGUARI is designed in a high-end polyester (rather delicate and fragile) in which I created a subtle print that plays on shades of Palette Rouge / orange which rendered exactly I wanted because it was close to my heart that maxi is visually strong piece and not just because-it is long.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

Création et stylisme par N’sqol/Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Vêtements portés par le modèle Jordane/Clothing worn by the model Jordane


The second printed maxi which are also made by me is also part of the TANGUARI COLLECTION is designed in a 100% cotton fabric.

We have the impression of a wearable constellation and it brings a certain poetic drama clothing.

The result on my sister is awesome because it measures 1m86. the sensation it is colonized by a constellation of stars and I must say that when I saw the skirt worn over it I was speechless despite the fact that it was to be my creation.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Fayçalath

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Fayçalath

Worn, this skirt is really impressive and I for one would have liked me to make one, but as I explained over and over again in electric wheelchair clothing can have a rendered disappointing. I speak for myself of course because this probably is not the same for all persons in wheelchairs.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane


The third skirt, from OBELS COLLECTION is also sewn with the same 100% cotton fabric and this time I realized the printed with the idea of bringing movement and the garment becomes almost a character unto itself.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane


To the extent the maxi skirt is a fairly standard piece, I immediately wanted to modernize it and I felt it necessary to splash some extravagance while assuring me still bring the whole a look that is both simple and minimalist.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane


The last red maxi cotton is also part of the OBELS COLLECTION and is designed with the same desire for the skirt above part of the same collection, that is to say the idea of giving the garment its own history.

Each piece is a unique model and you will never have the same print.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane


You should also know that collars in wax are also salable and you’ll soon find them on my Etsy. For collars / necklaces in wax it is necessary to give me your measuring neck if you want made to measure.


I specify that there are currently 20 pieces of different sizes from M to 3XL thus do not delay if there is a piece that interests you.

For all people who have the easy criticism and consider my creations too expensive and unaffordable, know that each piece asked me for long work weeks and then I had to take pictures without assistants and others.

If I had to sell my creations at the price of the work that was asked I could not even buy myself my own pieces.

I’m not a big multinational and everything you see today and you will eventually see is the fruit of my work all alone from A to Z, except the aid that was given to me by my sister Fayçalath and Jordane as mannequins to show you my creations and a sewing workshop that allowed me to accelerate the end of the seams because prepare a capsule collection, alone physically and psychologically is exhausting work.

However, you can contact me by email if you want specific things in relation to your size and your measurements and know that it takes me about three weeks for designing the parts and send them.

For this first part there are very few pieces as they are printed hand-made and it was long to do.

In the coming days I will do a second part to present the same creations in skater skirt for those who don’t like the maxis skirts.

I created looks with N’SQOL touch that for me to be a recognizable figure in a single glance.

I like my outfits emanate a look that is both grandiose without falling in the ostentatious and outbidding and as is my habit I still need to bring a hint of masculine allure to all that I did here with the shirt and hat bought at Zara man.

I loved doing this first collection even though it brought me tears, fatigue, moments of doubt, worry, despair, and I must say that through all these stages allowed me somewhere by transcribe artistically and I‘m so authorized to be in a narrative report with respect to clothing.

Sometimes in my print I found in my lines (which unconsciously) have become irregular the anguish and uncertainty of time T I lived and I instinctively transcribed.

N’SQOL is all this. A search, a state of being, fragility, strength, determination, certainty but it is mostly an affirmation of what we are.

So I would end with this sentence that accompanied me throughout the design of this collection is:

What we you reproach, cultivates it, it’s you.

Jean Cocteau


Thank you to all follow me. Take care of yourself.

I kiss you



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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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