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I inaugurate this new section with this improbable long title because I want to show that I am still sensitive to current trends.

I have had discussions recently that made me understand that you see me as someone a little nostalgic at the edges. It was necessary to urgently remedy this.


I begin today with this article about a French brand that I love, BASUS.

I found this brand on Instagram and I must say that I regularly see the pictures they post and each time it brings me silence.

What I will say is going to sound strange but I can put it another way, their Instagram is silent, let me explain.

Sometimes the visual can be noisy and I know what I mean insofar as I find mine (my instagram) too noisy for my taste. There are too many images and it is because of this abundance of images that overwhelm my mind that I find my own Instagram too noisy.

On instagram of Basus mark there an atmosphere enough Hopperienne (Edward Hopper) and the time seems still suspended and I must say it makes me a world of good to take a break on their Insta. I’m not very social networking but I’m pretty addicted to their world that speaks to me.

N'sqol - BasusN'sqol - Basus

First Basus what is it?

It’s a French brand of clothing (men and women) to look very minimal and imagery that is in appearance, but that mixes architectural codes to a very clean, minimalist design. The peculiarity of their clothes is that they are made from cork leather and just that I have to say it caught my attention.

I didn’t know this material and even though I inquired about it I must say that what interests me most is to be able to touch their garments.

I’m glad I live in Nantes but sometimes it’s frustrating not to be in the capital if only for the opportunity to discover or even touching some designer pieces like Basus clothing for example.

Honestly it forces the curiosity to discover clothing designed from cork leather. I have one more reason to go to Paris next month.


I did further research on the mark to find out what this name to the almost Scandinavian sound (I think anyway) and I found the explanation has a philosophy that I like enough. BASUS is shrinking Based on us can be translated as inspired by the fact that we are or what is the end product of our identity which gives birth Basus. Anyway that’s how I interpret their world.

The brand was created by FLORENCE DESMARTY and I must say that I completely reflected in its approach, this need to mix the environment (archictecture specifically) the conceptual design that results in something very contemporary and avant-garde has immediately liked me and speaks more to incorporate a true philosophy of life.

The aesthetic is minimalist, very refined and it gives the product a precious if only visually through work in the staging of the shop.

This is not just yet another brand that includes the codes of minimalism, this is a brand that is in a really artistic approach, conceptual and constantly seeking different ways of working cork leather.

esides, I have not explained what the cork leather. It is a vegetable leather after the cork oak bark which is extremely ecological and has a feel similar to that of suede. For more information you can click on this link.

You will therefore understand my eagerness to go to discover the creations of this brand that mixes this material and cotton to give birth to this amazing object to touch.

I hope in the future to offer me some pieces of their collection because I really like the spirit of the brand and what emanates from their scenic vision.

Anyway they built a imaginary with a feeling of temporality suspended. Besides this feeling is reflected in the staging of their showroom

Espace Basus
Espace Basus

This is why the brand universe reminds me of the work of Edward Hopper or in the field of trademarks in the minimalist aesthetic, Basus for me has the same firepower as The Row sisters Olsen brand still revolves around the staging of an artistic universe without falling into a form of elitism or play installers.

That’s the beauty of the blueprint in all its glory and in the construction of architectural lines that fit into an urban energy.

I wanted to tell you about this brand is regularly on Instagram my enchanted interlude when I need at a time of silence, an artistic visual and a sense of being out of time.

The prices are really affordable. The price range is between 60€ for T-shirts and 130 € for sweets. Moreover sizes range from XS TO XXL and for me the cut is asexual so it can suit both women and men.

I leave you with images in the world of BASUS and here is the link to their site for their shopping and just discover the brand.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Je vous embrasse, Nafissath.

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