« Never hate ceases with hatred, it is benevolence that reconciles. » BUDDHA

Hello everybody


At the beginning of the week I posted several videos in which I talked about the way the Pulp went for me.

I was expecting a very painful return on both sides (we attack the Pulp team and also attack me from the defenders of the Pulp) but the violence the return exceeds what I had prepared for.

It is for this reason that I post these two videos with the hope that things calm down a bit, in any case I really hope so.

« Never hate ceases with hatred;
it is benevolence that reconciles. « 

This sentence of Buddha deserves to be considered especially at this time given the wrath suffered by the entire Pulp team lately by my fault even if I only said what I lived.


I leave you with these two videos (in French).

One of 33 minutes and 10 seconds and the other one minute and 21 seconds.

It’s to help Ariella that I say that if she ever goes through here and does not want to waste her time.

Good weekend to all.


Take care of yourself. Je vous embrasse, NAFISSATH.