Hello everybody.

As the holidays approach and it is the period (which for me) is mostly that of children, or adults who have remained big kids, I want to tell you about a clothing brand, KOH MABBY, that I love it and I hope you will want to cherish your little blofros heads.

Blofros? I see your heads from here, wondering what this strange word means?

Well know then that it is my personal contraction of blondes and afros.

What do you want I live in the era of time as it has become a classic mix of words (or name type Brangelina) to create a new trend or fan community.

In short, I must not I digress!

So what is KOH MABBY ?

This brand is born from the desire of Sokona Diallo, mother of a little boy, to launch her own brand after she began to make clothes for her son.

Sokona Diallo
Sokona Diallo

They had a lot of success in his entourage and it only reinforced his decision to get started and bring his vision of what should be the children’s fashion.

After completing her training in a fashion school and graduating, she went on to train in fashion houses and fashion designers for children (which now allows her to establish her legitimacy in this industry ) She decided, rich of all these experiences, to launch her brand and honestly it is one of the most beautiful brands of children’s clothing that I have seen in recent years.

The brand takes its name from its first name Sokona that the children could not pronounce Koko nickname and to this it added Mabby which in the sonority (in french) makes think of dressing up me.

Beginning of an important digression in connection even with the name Koh Mabby.

For the anecdote, NSQOL means: Nafi Sait Qu’Owo L‘habille. (Nafi Knows that Owo dresses her.)

This sentence was pronounced by me one day when one asked my sister who was the creator of a garment she wore. She then turned to me and I took out the sentence naturally.

Nafissath is my first name and Owolabi-Omanloto is also my first name Yoruba, an ethnic group from Nigeria where my mother comes from.

Over the years I realized that whenever I say that I am the artist (as a visual artist and photographer) or the designer of clothes, I doubt the veracity of my remarks because I am In electric wheelchair and in France it seems that it is difficult when one is a little too different to be taken seriously for what one really does when one does not correspond to the dictates of the society.

To live in the shadow in order to be taken seriously (In any case that my creations are) I decided to « erase Nafissath » in favor of Owolabi-Omanloto, so I disassociate myself from what I create And it allows my work to exist without being stifled by Nafissath Abdoulaye that at first sight we see just as handicapped, fat, black, woman and incidentally Muslim, a real lottery certainly winning in sum. Strain your ear and you will hear my sardonic laughter …

End of digression!

So back to the brand of Sokona Diallo that I like very much for several reasons.

I like the name because it’s nice to hear, it’s short, it holds easily and without even knowing the designer I thought she (the mark) carried in her, phonetically, a certain crossbreeding and in all honesty I thought it was a mix between France and Asia but I can not explain why. This is the mystery of the imaginary.

Then I liked the artistic dimension of the prints and all the iconography built around the brand.

It’s for the children certainly, but the prints do not fall into the mirevrerie and are not excessively childish, something that I find a little too often painful in the brands of clothing for children.

Koh Mabby clothes still have playful and light prints that can be inscribed in the world of childhood.

Some printed for example remind me of berlingots which for me are the sweets of my childhood.

Les berlingots Nantais de mon enfance
Les berlingots Nantais de mon enfance

The berlingots of my childhood



Others make me think of the motives that are placed above the cradles, or even, I would simply say art, like drawings by Joan Miro or precisely the motives of Alexander Calder.

Above, one of Joan Miro’s paintings.



Below is an overview of Alexander Calder’s work.


So there is for me in these prints of abstraction and which says abstraction said universe that invites to work the imaginary and for children I find it fantastic to have constructed clothes that articulate around this freedom of Live, move, explore the world while learning the delicate art of being elegant in all circumstances.

The pieces are minimal, very modern with a hint of avant-gardism while having paradoxically a small vintage side in the cuts, an air of schoolboys of the 50s or characters straight out of the movies the Forbidden games, The war of the buttons , Oliver Twist or The Little Lord Fauntleroy.


This mark plunges me into the mild gravity of childhood (and believe me there are many more than adults think) and they come out a nice and very pleasant melancholy of what makes children’s memories.

Whatever continent you come from, a child remains a child with all that understands in the perception of the prettiness of life in childhood.

In creating for his son at the base, who is besides the muse of the mark, Sokona has built a universe that caters to every child around the world.

Elyah, fils de Sokona et égerie de Koh Mabby
Elyah, fils de Sokona et égerie de Koh Mabby

Elyah, son of Sokona and Egeria of Koh Mabby



She mixes printed matter, fabrics by combining wax with wool for example or gingham prints, which for me also has an educational character because it allows children to discover other cultures, learn to go out, thanks To a parental education, their comfort zone and not to make a place « elsewhere » a world apart, an « exotic » territory to explore, but rather a new space of discovery and human enrichment to have a basis building for the future, rich in education, knowledge and openness to the world.

In a few years the brand has succeeded in imposing itself and becomes an unavoidable brand.

The proof is that it is regularly seen and quoted in the press and Sokona was even the guest of BFM Business that you can see here and believe me you will be conquered.

Know in any case, that I was in addition to being struck by her face that has something of a little girl and a sudden, everything in his brand appeared to me as an axiom. It is as if she had never lost the soul of the little girl she was.

Sokona Diallo
Sokona Diallo

It is probably for that reason that she happens to create a universe so light and poetic that really plunges me into childhood.

I wanted to approach the holidays to talk about this brand and maybe give you ideas of original gifts and get out of the very classic and expected Christmas toy whose children get tired fast enough in the end.

Maybe they will keep the Koh Mabby pieces for their children in inheritance and the advantage is that there is little chance that it will go out of fashion because the pieces are really timeless thanks to the minimalism of the cutting and the clothes Being made with noble materials they will always be of good quality for years.

Know that there are parts for babies, boys and girls of course and pieces that are mixed.

The prices oscillate between a thirty euros and 200euros and it is 100% made France.

The collections for Babies and some pieces are made from organic cotton.

The time of childhood is a blank page, on which adults can begin to build that we will be with all the complexity and wealth that should be provided any adult worthy of the name.

It seems to me therefore necessary to honor all things (or persons) whose vocation is to thicken with joy and beauty this pivotal period in the life of an adult in the making.

For me Koh Mabby is the brand that makes these things that fulfill this function wonderfully by giving the children their place instead of seeking at all costs to « adultize » them.

« Adultitious » is a neologism that I invented after observing social networks and which will be the subject of one of my next articles that will deal with the relationship that adults have towards children …

I leave you to forge an opinion on KOH MABBY while spinning to have a glance on their site and their instagram and as you can see below it goes without adorable things on theirs.

N'sqol - Koh Mabby



Je vous embrasse and a good start to preparations for the holiday season.

Take care of yourself and I hope that your children will have the joy and the luck to receive a nice piece from KOH MABBY.

I’m going but I’m coming back quickly. Thank you for following me and Welcome to new subscribers.



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