Icônes I : Bianca Jagger

Icônes I : Bianca Jagger


Hello everybody.

There are people whose career and life interests me particularly, and on my blog I wanted to dedicate a section of their Icon because in my eyes they are undoubtedly due to their commitments and freedom with which they conducted their lives and influenced society.

So I open this topic with a woman for whom I have great admiration:

Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger
Bianca Jagger

Who says Jagger, said necessarily Mick Jagger so Bianca has a connection with him because she was the first wife of Mick Jagger.

Bianca et Mick Jagger lors de leur mariage en 1971
Bianca et Mick Jagger lors de leur mariage en 1971

She was born Bianca Perez Morena de Macias in 1945 in Managua, capital of Nicaragua. (cf wikipédia)

She comes from a wealthy family and committed and she is a lawyer but not that …
She was also actress, model for Roy Halston and was a major figure (or even important personality) New York in the late 60s to early 80s.

Bianca Jagger et Roy Halston au Studio 54 -1970
Bianca Jagger and Roy Halston at Studio 54 -1970

The culmination was really the 70 era of her marriage to Mick Jagger (May 71) and especially in the 70s it was THE STAR of the studio 54 that it was necessary to know and patronize and which I will discuss very shortly.

Mick et Bianca Jagger au Studio 54
Mick et Bianca Jagger au Studio 54
Bianca Jagger au Studio 54 en 1978
Bianca Jagger au Studio 54 en 1978

Why she is an icon for me?

There are about ten years I was watching a program on Arte TV channel and the subject was women who were important in the 21st century and contributed to the feminist movement and Bianca Jagger was among them.

I then been researching it at the time and I discovered many facets of Bianca that I immediately liked.

I must say I was initially dazzled by its beauty and her look.

I could not to « locate ethnically » and I liked it enough that it will fit in any box.

Later, in search I found out she was Nicaraguan but in fact it was not necessary as I know because what interested me is that emanated from her, that piercing gaze and determined.

Today we would call the « influencer of«  but it would be reductive if it was today.

Beyond being a fashion icon and the emblematic figure of Studio 54 she was and still is a woman committed, deeply cultivated and free.

Behind the icon what Bianca Jagger, there is the fighter for the rights of man, the woman committed against the death penalty and against stigmatization and ostracism of AIDS patients, the green activist and well other things.

It advocates the philosophy of non-violence like Gandhi who was the inspiration for Bianca Jagger, and  will generate in she in the desire to adopt a Buddhist lifestyle.

Bianca Jagger and Mick Jagger formed the couple to know and patronize.

She was a muse for many artists (plastic artists, photographers, fashion designers) as Warhol, Roy Halston, Yves SaintLaurent and many more.

Her celebrity has never lowered even after her divorce from Mick Jagger, with whom she has kept good relations and especially with whom she had daughter Jade Jagger.

Moreover the end of her marriage and her story with Mick she said « My marriage ended on my wedding day. » I found it very funny and cheeky to say this kind of thing and then Mick Jagger is now known for his conquests.

In the field of fashion, Bianca Jagger has always mixed the cultures and was able to play the masculine/feminine codes with perfection.

Even today I find his timeless outfits, avant-garde, modern iconoclasts.

His style was always in perpetual motion in the image of life with the desire to allow women to take ownership of their bodies and to assume their feminine and masculine side.

She returned the man’s suit at the Yves Saint Laurent in the locker room of the woman as you can see below.

During his appearances his outfits were each time a trip to a new continent, a new culture.

She created trends or she made a tendency (not to say she was the trend). The icon that she was, had an impact socially, politically, philosophically for « representation » of women being locked in straightjacket at the time

Her outfits were saying I am a woman, mother, lover, boss, free of my choices and my body belongs to me, mind you, and it is all that I loved her home and which undoubtedly made it to my eyes a life icon (or a spokesperson) of women to conquer their rights in the broadest sense..

I leave you with some pictures of his best looks and I hope you have the curiosity to find out a little more about she and I tell you soon for the next icon

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I end with some pictures of her last appearances.

Take care of yourself. Je vous embrasse, Nafissath.


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