I will never tire of burgundy

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Busy lately I have neglected my blog but I think it is time that it stops and I share a little of my latest creations as this burgundy robe for example.


Ma robe bordeaux portée par Fayçalath
My burgundy dress worn by Fayçalath

The burgundy is one of those colors that I never tire and I’d like it to be an everlasting trend.

This dress is mine and sooner or later we will see in me but in the meantime I present this dress on my sister Fayçalath, and Jordane because as you know I like that the same piece could be worn by others morphologies.

This is the case of girls to the extent one (Fayçalath) wears a size M and one (Jordane) a 2XL and 3XL for me.


Fayçalath and Jordane wear my burgundy dress

I am a proponent of minimalism as in the field of fashion in interior design although it is overloaded in my house but it’s not a choice in fact

I have already designed a burgundy dress that you can see below, but this time I wanted a straight and simple piece in the cut it would be easier for me to turn it into the top unlike the other dress.


Click here to access the article
Click here to access the article


The fabric is thicker as it is more suited for early fall and spring.

With simple pieces you can mix accessories that contrast and give more character to the overall look and that’s what will give a modern and elegant look to the person.

In the first version the style remains sober in accessorizing.

A pair of camel colored boots that come from La Redoute who have made a bit of nude skin Fay, a floppy hat wool Galeries Lafayette and a pocket on the Leopard allowed to have a trendy look and modern while remaining minimal with a touch of originality.


Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Model: Fayçalath ; Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

This is an outfit that can be put to go to brunch with a friends.

The second look is more adapted for a festival because of the allure a little rock built from this black leather jacket and this pair of suede fringed boots, all fenced with a simple black floppy hat wool.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Model: Fayçalath ; Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

I forgot to add a bag but if I had thought I would have simply used a « mind bowling » bag in black and a little polish, just to impart brightness to the whole.

This is therefore from a very simple dress two different worlds have been built with the objective the idea of keeping a minimalist look without falling into boredom and blandness dress.


Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Fayçalath

With Jordane I kept the same principle by highlighting the sleek and minimal character of the piece and I played with shades of colors starting from burgundy.

Ma robe bordeaux portée par Jordane
My burgundy dress worn by Jordane

I wanted a very feminine allure and what better than a pair of pink heels and varnished to femininity associated with a cover of the same color of an old collection from H&M, complemented by a pair of hoop earrings and a gold color bracelet.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Model: Jordane ; Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

As I like to have a masculine touch I found my man’s hat from Zara had printed that blend perfectly with the dress and I must say I liked the result.


So here is what I built from a small burgundy dress simple and straight.

I hope you enjoyed.

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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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