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George Sand, the bow ties and me


Hello everyone.

Today I practice a style exercise, that of making my bow ties a must-have fashion accessory and that may be the original gift that you will offer to a loved one for the holidays.

First of all, I think you have to wonder why this subtitle: George Sand, the bow ties and me.

Well, do you know that my passion for pap knots started (um hum, was born in 1976) almost 30 years ago when I was a high school student, then a student in Rennes.

In the second I began to like the mix of styles, which led to a beginning of construction of a somewhat androgynous identity.


From that time, the essential pieces in my wardrobe that I wore all the time that my entourage remembers (after appealing to their memory of me teenager and young adult), are: men’s trousers, vests suits, suspenders (I had a mind-blowing collection of all colors), overalls, bow ties, ties, gavroches, kangols and men’s loafers.

I didn’t like to dress myself as a man but I wanted to wear big earrings and have gloss on the lips.

I also liked very feminine handbags. I also specify that in the 90s I had very long hair with an afro cut and colored. So with this « funny » style, many people were convinced that I was just trying to do my interesting and honestly this was absolutely not the case.

I just didn’t want to be locked in an identity although I was very happy to be a woman. What I did’t want was to be limited in my life choices because born girl.

I already felt stuck in my identity as black and disabled so I had a sickly need to control my image and to sit a certain representation that would be a field of dialogue between me and others.

With hindsight I realize that this is what I built instinctively.

But what does George Sand do in all this?

In second class, my teacher of Letters that I loved very much with whom I had a particular relationship, so particular that she invited me several times to spend time with her family, told me one day that I am the George Sand of modern times.

This comparison was made first because of my atypical look and because I kept saying that I found silliness in this obsession with the quest of Prince Charming.

Cinderella and others were tales that I found deeply silly and it’s still the case besides finding them scary.

The only cinderella I like is the one in the song of Téléphone. (French musical group)

I’m from the generation, Jackson Five (towards the end because I was born in ’76), Punky Brewster (young lady a little tomboy, hyper independent, irreverent and determined).


I loved Janet and Michael Jackson in their androgynous style.

I was obsessively listening to Mylène Farmer and her songs Sans contrefaçon and Allan.

I imagined being married to several children without ever living under the same roof as my husband. That’s what I live like today in part.

The independence of being was my obsession and women were the most complete in humanity.


My axiom was that since only a woman can give birth to both sexes, it seemed obvious to me that as such we could dress, think and be what we wanted.

So as I had this type of thought Mrs. Patricia Roch (rock phonetically) my fantastic French teacher told me that I was a feminist at George Sand and that I would like the author.

George Sand was born Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, Baroness Dudevant, novelist, playwright, epistolary, French literary critic, journalist, born in Paris on July 1, 1804 (source Wikipedia).

George Sand

In the early nineteenth century women were not allowed to work. They just had to make beautiful marriages and start a family.

George Sand is therefore one of the first feminist figure.

To earn a living as a writer, she chose to publish her first articles, essays and novels under a pseudonym, George Sand, because that was the only way she was interested in her writing.

It was cheeky, brave, subversive as an act for the time and clearly an opening for emancipation and equal rights for men and women.

She went to the salons dressed in men’s clothes and wore, as such, ties, knots pap, lavallières, which were all accessories symbolic of masculine virility.


George Sand en costume masculin. Dessin du 19ème siècle.

When I inquired about her I liked the bowtie on the cover of this book Consuelo …… and it has further nourished my desire to have a masculine / feminine look that I have grown to excessive for years.

George Sand in’t the subject today I don’t spread more than that and I don’t want to get drunk as I realize that my articles are considered long.

I wanted to make you want to get interested in the character by providing you with details that may pique your curiosity to discover who is this great figure of French literature.

So here is where my passion comes from androgynous fashion and some accessories like bow ties.

I learned to knit years ago so it was only natural that I started to make my own knots in wool to give the overall look the little masculine touch that I love so much .

In winter it gives a lot of things to a style. Originality, texture, color, a touch of humor and so on.

The bow tie is today a must-have accessory in fashion, a portable mixed basic for all ages. There are wax, wood, wool (of course), origami and etc …


Even if between 1990 and 2017 I changed my dress style like everyone else, I kept automatisms and cultivating the androgynous style is one of them.

The knot will always be part of my clothing identity and I will always include it in my work.

Today I propose a first part of article with bow ties because I will put on sale shortly in my Etsy.

Two casual looks are proposed to you today to give you ideas of looks if you are in lack of inspiration.

I start with the casual look, worn by Jordane, a little hipster with shorts FROM KIABI I bought myself years ago.

I stayed in my comfort zone with an aubergine / pale pink / burgundy shades.

The little androgynous touches are of course in the accessorize felt borsalino and the burgundy / raspberry bi-color bow tie that can be put on both sides but my preference is on the side where the raspberry color is very small.

Noeud pap bicolor

With the same outfit I used this time an orange node for a color block effect and I really like the rendering

Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model is Jordane

The vest is an old collection from H & M, La Redoute’s nubuck boots and aubergine-colored bag is in the current H & M collection.


Let’s move on to the casual chic version.

The jacket and the pants in wax (yes I also make pants) are my creations so it’s NSQOL.

Again I stayed in a shades of color and subtle reminder but with an explosion of daring with this bow tie an electric blue that slice completely.

J’adooooooooooooore this outfit. I find it original, elegant, modern and a bit of effrontery as I like.


Third proposal with me and my beloved little sister. It seems that I love it too much but I cannot help it’s the last of the siblings of 5.

We did the best for the photos because I could not find my tripod to make my photos correctly and Melle who lives in Bourges (city in the center of France) she has no tripod on his side. On his insta it’s also a bit his identity to post his pictures so and honestly I like a lot. Short !

I let you admire us with our knots (modesty when you hold us) and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

Soon, veryyyyyyyyyyy soon there will be a knot to win and something else.

On these beautiful words I’m going to prepare a nice contest and your future Christmas presents.

Je vous embrasse.

Take care of yourself. Nafissath.

Ps: Have I already told you how much


Géraldine, MERCI pour tout ce que tu es.


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