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Hello, hello

Continuation and end of the pink week on the blog. I brush the overdose, it was time that it stopped!

First I hope you are well and that you have spent a good week.

Today I conclude my week with my second model that I do not present anymore, Fay my little sister.

Fay as I have said repeatedly looooooves to divert the pieces and suddenly it’s great to work with it because it forces me to find other ways to wear a piece.


My pencil skirt worn here by Jordane Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye is transformed into a simple strapless dress on which has been added a obi black belt in skai to structure the whole if not without a belt it looks almost an elasticated bath towel and personally I find the outfit less pretty.

Ma jupe fourreau transformée en robe bustier sans ceinture
Ma jupe fourreau transformée en robe bustier sans ceinture

My pencil skirt transformed into strapless dress without belt

In order to propose a rendering that is an encounter between the girly look and the style a little rock, the black leather boots from Taillissime were perfect and brought a small « look off the beaten track« , a bit shifted and this time Again, thanks to these shoes a bit androgynous on the edges. The sleeve has finished the look.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Fayçalath

Here is the first version.


The skirt was then used for its first skirt function but offering a slight variation in that it is worn in miniskirt with a simple gray T-shirt from Zara.

The skirt is very long so I could fold it and maintain the rendering with the same obi belt without it moving.


Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Fayçalath

You really have to know how to have fun with his clothes without of course it becomes ridiculous. I know someone who will recognize himself in this sentence, I say that I say nothing …

As I like to break the looks too « fifille » we took back the boots in order to bring a more energetic dimension to the whole. Strangely the rock side is less present despite the black boots and belt obi and it is due to the miniskirt that gives a more urban dimension to the whole.

Yeeeeees, I managed to hold a whole week with pink on my blog and next time I will do a week in …………………….. be continued……………….

I leave you and I say Welcome to new readers.

Take care of yourself. Je vous embraaaaaaaasssssssssssse.



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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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