Comfort zone

I’m a little back on my blog.

Hello everyone.

I realized that it had been a while since I had posted anything in the section « what I wear » so it is time to remedy this forgetfulness.

The outfit I wear today is my comfort zone look in which I feel comfortable and mentally safe when I go out.

I’m like any other person when I go out, I need to be sure of myself and in agreement with my perceived body and my body lived and this type of look helps me to feel serene about the image that I send back.

It’s a very very simple look as you can see.

A high waisted skinny jeans that I bought at ASOS a few months ago now and that is hyyyper comfortable  seen how stretch it is.

Nafissath Abdoulaye / Nsqol
Nafissath Abdoulaye / Nsqol

That said, what I like most about this pants is its length of legs because I’m tall and often the pants are not long enough for me.

I measure 1m73 and I like the pants that fall well and it’s not easy to find in stores. Just for that I love Asos and I buy almost all my pants at home when I don’t make it. In short, it’s my Jeans that I love +++.

My pants are associated with a tee-shirt bought at H&M for its collar for which I had a real favorite because it clears my neck well as I often feel choked in my tee-shirts. The 2nd reason I love this tee shirt is its sandy color that makes it a bit naked on me.

Nafissath Abdoulaye / Nsqol

I associate with this simple base this very loose vest that I made in 10 minutes (it’s not a formula like that because it was really the case).

In fact I used a wool blanket, bought I don’t know where else and never used, in which I cut up quickly a form of simple top that I then opened (by cutting The middle) to give it the comfort vest shape.

I made a simple seam with my machine for the sleeves and if I had the bias of the right color I would have used it to fine the result in front. Instead of making a simple hem I decided to keep the jacket like this because I like enough the raw side of the material that gives the illusion that the waistcoat frays since in reality it’s not at all the case.

I feel in comfort zone in this outfit thanks to the very ample waistcoat that conceals parts of my body that complicate me and that I don’t want to show.

Side shoes I have my derbies bi-material and bi colors bought from Andypola which is a site that I invite you to discover because there are nice things out there at interesting prices.
Nafissath Abdoulaye / Nsqol

It is thanks to my little sister Fay that I discovered this site a few years ago because it shoes of the 46 and I of the 44 and as you suspect it is not simple for us to find shoes in fashion Without it costing us an arm and a j.

I love this pair because it brings immediately a class, original and elegant to an outfit.

When I looked in the mirror I liked the result but I wanted to bring some interesting details to the overall look.

So I opted for this pair of glasses in the style a little aviator (I have a good ten that is why I change all the time) that would bring an original and bright to my face.

As I like to have a headdress on my head I opted for this wax scarf whose colors go very well with the outfit without too much reminder.

As I was preparing to go out and photograph the buildings, the scarf was the right accessory because it was raining a little and there was a lot of wind that day in Nantes (February 5th) and if I had worn a hat it would have flown away.

So here is a casual, very cozy look that fits into my comfort zone that I love very much.

I leave you with some photos taken by Jordane when I photographed buildings for my site et my Instagram Nafissath Abdoulaye that you may not know and that you can discover by clicking here.

You will discover how obsessed I am with architecture.

On this invitation to discover this other facet of me I leave you momentarily.

Take care

Je vous embrasse and Thanks to all readers.

Nafissath Abdoulaye / Nsqol
Nafissath Abdoulaye / Nsqol


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