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Some time ago I posted a first proposal of looks proposed by Jordane with one of the beautiful pieces of the collaboration between Aurélie Giot and Blanche Porte, the red jumpsuit. ( Blanche porte is a French site for online sales of clothing and linens.)

Aurélie Giot x Blanche Porte Part. I

If you didn’t read it, I said:

« Let’s talk about the collection.

I discovered it because of a heated debate on social networks about prices because the potential buyers of coins complained about the difference in price by size and found this difference unfair.

Before being clothing designer I did not perceive how much the filming, the patronage (taking into account the values of seams and others) used could be very different according to the sizes and the morphologies if one aims to have a beautiful rendered on two totally opposite silhouettes.

About ten years ago I was rather on the side of those who complain.

Now, like the ad « it was before ». (French advertising for glasses)

I understood by creating that if I wanted to wear the same clothes to Jordane who wears a 50/52 and my sister Fayçalath who wears a 38/40 and the rendering is extremely beautiful on both morphologies it wasn’t necessary that I build by enlarging the pieces in a homothetic way because it isn’t enough to simply increase or decrease by several centimeters a piece so that the rendering is pretty and / or aesthetic.

While the body enters the room but the rendering isn’t necessarily aesthetic and comfortable and you will agree with me that the comfort in a garment is very important.

If you want to combine comfort and aestheticism you have to think the patronage according to the morphology to be closer to the movements of the body to give the silhouette a great look and thus express an assurance history to avoid what is perceived of you in a garment is not suitable and that you are stuck in it. »

To know the continuation of this first part you only have to  click here.

Today I propose you the looks prepared by me, worn by Jordane (of course) and your host.

A combi isn’t very easy to associate and it is often difficult to propose things with, because the room is self-sufficient.

In the case of this combi red vermilion precisely, the vibrancy of the color is a priori we don’t want to make tons.

The challenge for me was to think of associations that go off the beaten path and offer another reading of this combination by bringing a touch both playful with a hint of androgyny attitude as I like.

Let’s start with Jordane’s looks, which is a variation of the initial look I’ve built for you and you’ll see below.

I first associated this combi to one of my coats of which there will be few quantities on sale soon on my Etsy to create a trendy outfit because red and pink is THE trend of autumn winter 2017/2018.

The second look plays the card of the sexy without doing too much. It’s an outfit that could be perfect for a valentine’s day. I built the image of a mysterious woman, sure of her and conquering. I really like this look on Jordane and this celebration of her femininity.

So what I read this piece on Jordane from my own look that I show you now. I can say for sure that Mlle loved the result on her.

I wanted to make the association with a shirt and a bow tie because I was looking for how to wear my combi without having to worry that the upper part, cover-heart reveals a little too much.


In an electric wheelchair when I put a neckline I do not always feel comfortable since the people (men in this case) who are standing have a bird’s eye view of my chest. It happened to me on public transport to look up and see the eyes and it’s something that bothers me.

To put this combi in the summer I will sew quickly made a simple tank top with a V-neck in a color that will have a little nude effect on my skin.

While waiting to be able to put this combi in summer I looked for how to put it in an original way this winter. So I first tested with a shirt and a bow tie and then with a tie and a little beret wool to give him a small side uniform.

In summer I put it much more than in winter this combi because I do not walk and I quickly hypothermia when I roll if the fabric of my clothes is thin and this is the case for this combi.

For Jordane who walks it goes to the extent that the body warms in the movement but for me it’s too late in autumn, so in winter do not even talk about it.


If the same combi existed in a thicker fabric with elastane in gray colors, green bottle or ocher yellow believe me that I will do all winter collection because apart from this problem of thickness is a very very very comfortable to wear, very comfortable and I feel beautiful inside and almost never I say that.

As a designer, I rarely find pieces in which I feel comfortable in the chair, so I’m sure the team really did a great job of patronage.

The garment fits perfectly the shapes of the body and suddenly it is well laid.

Blanche Porte has really done a great collaboration with Aurélie Giot. Congratulations to her again for having thought pieces that combine several important criteria to feel good in her body and at the same time are timeless.

So I leave you with these pictures of me in my combi génialissime and thank you to Blanche Porte and Aurélie GIOT who did a great job. Thanks to this collaboration I got rid of a bit of the image of epic I had La Blanche Porte and I hope they will make other collaborations as pretty and modern.

To finish here are two other pieces that I loved and this dress Aurélie wore it during his stay at the Pulp and she was absolutely beautiful.

Subliminal message for people looking for gift ideas to give me at Christmas, just look at my favorite pieces at the top of times that …..

On these beautiful words I go to discuss with life to come to tell you his vicissitudes happy or unhappy because there is the very meaning of the idea of living.

Take care of yourself. Je vous embrasse Nafissath


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