Hello everybody.

First, I hope you’re well and have a great weekend.

To begin the week with energy on the blog I decided to highlight the red vermilion.

In September, I discovered on social networks the collaboration of Aurélie Giot and BlanchePorte. (Blanche Porte is a French site for online sales of clothing and linens.)
The info at the beginning was quickly made on my thread of news but it is the debate around the price difference that made me stop there.

First of all for those who do not know her, who is Aurélie Giot?


Aurélie is a French model and muse seen in different advertising campaigns of clothing brands such as Kiabi, JMP – JEAN-MARC PHILIPPE, Gémo, Taillissime (now Castaluna) and many others I think because the list here isn’t exhaustive.

Before becoming a model she was also ambassador « Generous Beauty » with Charlotte Gaccio for La Redoute.(another French site for online sales of clothing and linens.)


During the Pulp parade this year we met and I must say that this woman emanates a deep sweetness and kindness.

You know, I lived this moment or meet someone and you tell yourself after a few minutes that the person corresponds to the feeling you had about him through his image. What transpires from her in the photos is really what she is in real life.

For me Aurélie is first of all a beautiful woman who is one of those people whose absolutely bright smile inspires you one: « she looks super nice this girl, I would like to meet her » because what Behind this impression is to check if this thing which it releases and which one perceives is tangible in the reality.

My answer is definitely YESSSSSSSSS, what emanates from Aurélie in picture is the being she is.

An elegant person because of its simplicity and elegant anyway. It is comely and we feel that there is no pretense with it but what I liked above all is that it is soothing.

The beautiful woman I met is affectionate, caring, attentive and of an infinite sweetness and then through her way of encouraging me, I take the drama out (admittedly for a short time) the complicated situation in which I found myself.

Even if the meeting didnt last very long the moment was very pleasant and I needed that at this precise moment.

I must say that it feels good to be in front of people who are in the truth of their being, since we live in the virtual age and that we are putting more and more a fake image of this that we are in order to garner a maximum of likes, followers and etc…

When comes the meeting with the person we are following, who we like and / or in whom we recognize ourselves we find it less warm, less lovable, arrogant and other personality traits that leaves only a bitter taste of being confused. There is the talent of the virtual world, the art of deluding people. But in short this isn’t the subject of today.

The meeting with her was very pleasant because there is sincerity at home.

After this presentation of Aurélie Giot, I speak quickly of Blanche Porte.

As many people Blanche Porte is associated with my childhood (I was born in 76) and it is a company that was in my head the symbol of the homemaker smooth, seductive still (but not too much) for her Husband making sure to have all-purpose clothes and practical clothes to complete the daily tasks of the house. I remember the mother in one of my host families that did not command there, in the paper catalog, for her and her mother and I did not like at all what she was wearing..

The paradox is that it is associated with something emotional as she often did on weekends crepes suzette in her little dress with blue flowers bought at the Blanche Porte. It is therefore a business that becoming an adult I categorized as not very modern.

You tell me it’s the same for La Redoute but Blanche Porte seemed to be frozen in something old so my brain has not been in their site for years to see what’s new.

This collaboration was therefore the opportunity for me to go see what is proposed on the site and I have for example discovered that in lingerie big size there are things really not bad.

That said, I still think that the brand could offer much more modern things in terms of clothing and they are clearly on track for the collection created with Aurélie Giot.

Let’s talk about the collection.

I discovered it because of a heated debate on social networks about prices because the potential buyers of coins complained about the difference in price by size and found this difference unfair.

Before being clothing designer I did not perceive how much the filming, the patronage (taking into account the values of seams and others) used could be very different according to the sizes and the morphologies if one aims to have a beautiful rendered on two totally opposite silhouettes.

About ten years ago I was rather on the side of those who complain.

Now, like the ad « it was before ». (French advertising for glasses)

I understood by creating that if I wanted to wear the same clothes to Jordane who wears a 50/52 and my sister Fayçalath who wears a 38/40 and the rendering is extremely beautiful on both morphologies it wasn’t necessary that I build by enlarging the pieces in a homothetic way because it isn’t enough to simply increase or decrease by several centimeters a piece so that the rendering is pretty and / or aesthetic.

While the body enters the room but the rendering isn’t necessarily aesthetic and comfortable and you will agree with me that the comfort in a garment is very important.

If you want to combine comfort and aestheticism you have to think the patronage according to the morphology to be closer to the movements of the body to give the silhouette a great look and thus express an assurance history to avoid what is perceived of you in a garment is not suitable and that you are stuck in it.

It’s something I see all too often on social networks.

Regularly I am perplexed when I come across photos posted by bloggers plussize that explain you the pants or jeans is very comfortable as it is an axiom that they are bundled up in, it’s not at all aesthetic even if the garment is in an extremely stretchy material.

The pants do not fit well in the crotch and it makes me want to put on the pants or tell the person « heeeeeeu, bin, how to sayyyyyy, no no and no »

Personally I find it really unsightly photos of bloggers whose rendering of the pants is the picture just below on which Jordane is wearing pants in this way or wearing pants in this way. Thank God she came back on the right path!

Vous voyez que l’entrejambe n’est pas du tout où elle devrait Être ?

Blanche Porte had the brilliant idea with Aurélie Giot to create and think well the patronnage to precisely combine this result both aesthetic and comfortable.

Forced to propose a product by reflecting in this way modifies the selling price but the result is well worth it for me because we agree that it is a question of corporal well-being and valuation of all the bodies.

So after this debate I went to see the collection and I saw pieces that I loved.

I didn’t know that Jordane had also cracked on pieces she shared on her Instagram where you can follow her here.

We were lucky she and I to choose our favorites and when the package arrived at home I can assure you that the parts were largely up to our expectations.

By partnering with Aurélie, Blanche Porte has proposed a very nice wardrobe of timeless pieces that combine aesthetics and comfort and that really adapt to the morph of each silhouette and that I repeat it’s thanks to a very good patronage and it’s not a simple thing to do.

The pieces received are these two red suits to my size and that of Jordane and this black dress with adorable details worn here by Aurélie who falls for the end of the year holidays approaching.

It will be the subject of an article later, stay tuned!

Personally I am tempted by the denim pants.


Here again matter to this follow …..

Today, this red jumpsuit is in this first part the way Jordane wanted to associate it.


Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model is Jordane

Then, as a stylist, I will propose in the second part the looks built around this strong piece. In addition you will have more photos of me in my combi.

It’s really a very comfortable piece and it is very well thought out in terms of cutting. It’s a second skin and I find Jordane absolutely sublime in it.

For me it’s a revelation because I had never seen Jordane in combi and clearly it befits his very pin-up shapes.

Jordane wears this jumpsuit in size 50. While the bottom is a little legging on it because it molds a lot but she preferred a size 50 instead of 52 because in recent months she is in the process of firming the body. She loses weight and would like to enjoy the combi a little longer otherwise it will be too big on her.

The first little problem that is the same in all the clothes is heart-warming that it yawns a bit if you don’t have an opulent chest. It must also be understood that it is normal that the opening is a little big because it is a jumpsuit and that it goes on. It would be a pity you cannot get in there.

The solution to this problem (for those who are embarrassed) neckline a little too big is to simply use a tiny safety pin and it’s good you’re ready to go do the beautiful. Believe me you will be in this combi.

Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model is Jordane

The second very small problem is that being tall (1m73 for me and 1m70 for Jordane) we would have liked it to be slightly longer. But honestly it’s not more annoying than that.

So now place Jordane in her first suit and the looks she has prepared.

Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model is Jordane

Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model is Jordane


Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model is Jordane

Je vous embrasse and take care of yourself.

Welcome to the news and thanks to all those who came to discover my collection during the parade and took the time to exchange with me.

Good start to the week everyone.




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