Because it’s urgent to go to meet the other

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Here we are!

Tomorrow at midnight millions of people will wish a happy and a good year with all wishes …

For this last straight of the holiday season, many are preparing their outfits in order to be on their 31 and feast with grace and elegance their entry into the new year.

Who says 31 December says glitter, brilliance and so on. However everyone does not have the desire to wear this kind of outfits for the 31 and I have in common with Jordane the fact of not being fan of the glitter even if I find it nice about the others.

Here are three looks with the same base, this fabric in wax, that I concocted in order to be ready to celebrate the last day of the year.

The first outfit, as you can see, is very simple.

Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Jordane
Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model: Jordane

You must know that I wanted to propose this kind of look after the polemics, debates and racist remarks that have not stopped polluting the year.

It is true that it has always been the case but in 2016 I feel that we have reached a new level.

Trump and his racist, misogynous and demagogic remarks that allowed him to win the presidential election.

The attacks that fueled the xenophobes and crystallized even more the hatred of the Muslims as if they were responsible for the madness of men who decided to take lives in the name of an Islam that exists only in their heads and especially of the interpretation they make of it.

The hazardous and insulting formulations of a certain press against the blacks, their identities and which the press persists and signs to portray as a world apart, bordering on the Folklore tinged with a certain exotic charm and believe me it’s all but a compliment.

In 2016, black, black culture, are delightfully charming, entertaining and exotic like adding a slice of pineapple in a chicken blanquette. This is surprising, unexpected but it does not have to become a habit because it could tend towards a total loss of the traditional blanquette. Mouais mouais mouais …!

Seriously this is a bit what I felt throughout the year.

To close a year of intellectual mediocrity and intellectual nonsense, two French comedians whom I absolutely don’t like (Gad Elmaleh and Kev Adams for not quoting them) had the brilliant idea to bring out a sketch with Michel Leeb (an humorist known for having made racist sketches about Africans and Asians even if he still does not see where the problem is) which was meant to be funny and that caricatured the Asians and which I specify to many makes laughing those who have been seeing their show.

I have to say that it bothers me and makes me sad that we are still there :( :( :( !!!!!!!

By taking stock of all this and much more I wanted to say via fashion that it is urgent to go to meet the other in its truth and that of this meeting one feeds humanly, with respect, having the desire to understand some towards others and that the assertion that mixing does not imply the loss and liquefaction of our own identity.

To understand the other is to thicken the breastplate of humanity and to confer the capacity to respect and to be fully aware that we are the « final product » of the multitude of our encounters.

I felt like keeping the 31 reflects all that.

Jordane is partly Algerian. I’m black and I have a passion for Asia that I would like to explore long and wide.

We live in France and it seems unimaginable to me to look condescending, contemptuous or otherwise towards other cultures.

One can no longer conceal his ignorance in the age of the Internet.

We have the world to wear of our keyboards and it is no longer acceptable to wallow in the mire of the human malicious in the name of I know not what pseudo ignorance that would innocent us of having an abject behavior towards each other.

Fashion can have and fulfill this function, that of being a brake to the growing turpitude of humanity.

It can lead to an opinion that says a thousand times more things than words.

I have built a look that is also a way to tell yourself to where you want to tend.

This is what I wanted to say about my outfits before describing them.

The first one consists of a dress that Jordane bought at H & M in the « normal size » jacket and I would never say enough to try the clothes because you can be pleasantly surprised.

You should know that down Jordane wears a 52/54 (EU) trousers and up a 48/50/52.

This dress is a size 46 (EU) and Jordane falls in.


So TRY before affirming that you will not fit in!

I decided to make a kimono with this fabric in wax in order to associate it with the dress whose patterns resonate with those of the dress as you notice.

For accessorization there are two possibilities that work for me.

Either look a bit color block as you can see with the varnished pink fuchsia pumps or the pair of orange pumps or a pair of pumps in the color range of the outfit.

Jordane made a smoky and final touch Nsqol is the turban because following my work knows I like to add a scarf or a hat.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane


For the 2nd outfit, I used the same fabric to sew a very simple top that can be married to different things. First it is worn on the dress and confers at the pace a small side print on print bringing a little sexy attitude with the fabric down which subtly reveals the legs.

Création et stylisme par N’sqol/Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Vêtements portés par le modèle Jordane/Clothing worn by the model Jordane


Otherwise I have associated the top NSQOL with a brown skirt with asymmetric cut down.

I wanted something elegant, that fits the shapes delicately and that is comfortable. This is a basic principle for me in my looks. Here again I offer several accessorization possibilities.

Design & stylism by N’sqol ; Clothing worn by the model Jordane


The decor is an invitation to travel and it seems to me of circumstance for what I want to tell in these three outfits.

Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye
Picture by Nafissath Abdoulaye

I hope you like the way we celebrate the 31st in Nantes.

I wish you a very nice evening on the 31st, RDV next year with new things, ideas / thoughts and desires of NSQOL;

Nafissath Alias Nsqol

Je vous embrasse and really go to meet the other.

Thank you all for following me.

Nafissath ALIAS NSQOL.


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Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye

Design & stylism by N’sqol

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