Beauty has nothing to do with beauty but rather with self-consent

Hello to all

Today 2nd part of the article on the end of the year 2017.

Two days ago I posted an article in which Jordane wished you a Happy New Year and showed you especially what for her would be an ideal piece to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018.

The article is right here if you have not read it yet.

I would have liked to be somewhere else, but life goes by with its vagaries and we have to adapt to its rhythm and then be fair with the man I love is already huge.

I’m not my own model for these holiday outfits because to be honest I really wanted to see the rendering of my creations and for that I « borrowed » (stiiiiiiill) the body of Jordane.

As I often say in chair the rendering is not the same. Like it or not all the details of a room are not always perfectly readable when sitting. Short!Sinon, le (encoooooooooooore) c’est parce-que la récurrence de Jordane fait partie des choses que j’aimerais modifier sur mon blog et mon travail dans le futur. Je vous en parlerai plus longuement dans une vidéo très bientôt.

Otherwise, the (stiiiiiiiiiill) is because the recurrence of Jordane is one of the things I would like to edit on my blog and my work in the future. I’ll talk more about it in a video soon.

Not being a follower of bling bling I built looks by being sincere and consistent with what I am and wears everyday.

Certainly December 31 is once a year hence the fact that a lot of people put the package on the clothes of lights (glitter / sequins and others) but it is also a moment that summarizes a year of what has crossed us so much in the atmosphere in which we bathed but also in things that were recurrent and present.


I take the opportunity to add a small slide with some pictures of my work on the blog this year..

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

If I have to summarize my year I would say that it is more than ever necessary to pretend to be.

To be what will you say to me?

To be, I would say proud of your difference if you have this thing in you that you don’t dare to express and you are aware that it is an unusual trait.

To be a thing and its opposite. You have the right because life isn’t a flat encephalogram even if people tend to want to ensure that one becomes standardized. Learn how to dissociate yourself from Panurge sheep. So don’t be afraid to have a clear, honest and sincere opinion without ever falling into insults, malice or aggression.

I should have already applied this last tip during the year but hey, my impulsiveness has taken over my reason.

To be in a conquest and a quest for self because it allows to know each other better and to learn to say what we want and want more. In short, to learn to say Yes for good reasons and No for good reasons.

To be a being or a multitude of beings that you want to embody. For that you have a simple tool, it’s called the garment. Incarnate such and such day a type of woman, is to tell silently but tell each other anyway.

To be fragile and to assume it. To be sensitive and not to apologize. To be jealous.

I could give you lots of other examples to claim the claim to be but I think what I have already listed is not bad and it’s up to you to put what you want to be.

That’s where beauty really comes to me, in self-consent. We are (born) beautiful when each day we make the process of going to the conquest of oneself. I really think so.

To kiss and to welcome his pain when it’s necessary. To learn to be your own bulwark when humanity tries to harm you and your instinct warns you.

Bring in you every day a new intention and new attention, which means that you must learn to open doors, observe and learn what is happening behind.

So here are a few words that I wish you for the coming year.

What I wish I will tell you on video, it’s more fun

So now, let’s have three holiday season outfits that I’ve put together.

The first is a little black dress neoprene MADE BY NSQOL (ie me Nafissath Abdoulaye) that I customized at the last minute with a shiny sequined scarf that Jordane bought at La Halle.

This kind of customization is very simple to do and immediately rendering is both sophisticated, elegant with a couture dimension.

If you have this type of scarf, you take small pieces that you tie with son in different places and when you get a kind of flower you put it where you want on your dress and voila is done.



The 2nd look consists of two parts.

The base is a yellow-ocher top that is also my creation of course.

The first outfit is a set of monochrome top + skirt corolla with which I associated a skirt in tulle recently bought at H & M, so, it is the current collection which is available now if it interests you.

Pictures by Nafissath Abdoulaye ; Model is Jordane

The 2nd part is the same style only the corolla skirt is green bottle color. This skirt was one of the pieces used for the parade during the Pulp.


The last look is a bi-color set associated with a long wax jacket whose print is in resonance with the outfit.

I find for myself this bold set without being ostentatious.

It’s an outfit that suits me perfectly and mixes everything I love in fashion. Me for myself is the one I like the most that its difficult to make a choice.


As a bonus I add some photos with a cream-colored sheath skirt.

So here are all the possibilities I’m thinking of for party outfits.

It’s true that I have other proposals but that’s not bad.

I hope you like my suggestions and especially that you will pass a good 31 whether you are alone or accompanied. The key is to spend it doing the best possible to have a little serenity and peace of mind.

Take care of yourself.

I wish you to live a rich and full year of teaching

Je vous embrasse.




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Design & stylism by N’sqol

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