One moment two me.

Hello everyone.

After a few days of break I’m back on my blog with a novelty.

I inform you that the blog changes name to allow my brand NSQOL to really be born in order to dissociate my life of designer and that of a person who looks at society.


For a moment the idea was trotting in my head because I feel the need sometimes to write in depth about themes that interest me or recurring subjects that often debates with my entourage.

These problems are not necessarily related to fashion I refrain from addressing them.

This will no longer be the case.

Calling my blog a moment two me is saying that like everyone else, I am a thing and its opposite, so full of contradictions.

One moment two me is the synthesis at a time T of who I am and what moves me, makes me feel happy, sad, angry, amazed, dejected and a whole lot of emotions that we all cross at times of our life.

It is first of all to leave to myself a trace of my personal evolution.

It is to share with the world the way in which I am interacting with what surrounds me and how I receive and perceive the things of life

One moment two me is:
My music of the moment.
It’s reading that fascinates me and especially nourishes me.
That is what revolts me.

That is what brings prettiness in my life.
It’s a look that I want to test either on me or on one of my models.
It’s a trick that frustrates or stimulates me.

It’s a place (or a view) in my apartment that I like and that brings me serenity when I am there.
It’s a sound that makes me happy.
It’s a meeting that has a fruitful effect in me.
It’s a film that revolutionized my thinking and etc …

In short, « a moment two me » is the snapshot of my life and how I pick it up.

So I start today this new chapter of my blog that will not change completely direction either

I will of course continue to post looks and talk about fashion, clothing and other but I will unveil other facets of me that people will like or not and that maybe will open debates here.

If sometimes you want to express a joke or something that has made you feel good and you want to share it feel free to send me an email. I propose it because I like the idea of serving as a bridge between people and I think that we can also punctually want to give voice but we have no support to do it.

I will share this desire that it will come to you to express if of course it seems relevant to my blog.

The idea came to me thanks to a friend who had a child and had a severe depression. When she told me she told me that the hardest thing was the posts on the social networks of the parents who post photos of their lives with the new born and who mythify the moment.

Her unhappiness has only increased and she told me that she would have liked to write her feel and share it on a blog that would have a space for that kind of stuff precisely.

Certainly I know there are spaces of words but I also understand what she wanted.

The idea is to be the only one and not a person who goes badly in the midst of many others who are just as bad. Short!

I kept in mind his desire and I open this door if you ever feel the need. :)

So I leave you for today with some pictures of me taken lately while I was in the middle of the capture session of buildings for my other instagram that you may not even know. It’s just below if you want to find out.

I leave the pictures.

It’s a very simple outfit, as you can see.

It is a straight dress in wax that was offered to me years ago by my big sister.

I must say that I particularly like embroidery at the collar.

As it is a strong piece I made in the minimum by accessorizing it.

A small pair of boots of the brand Castaluna of color camel and a leather bag that one sees all the time on the blog have constructed the allure of set. It was a little cool that night so I just added a fleece shawl and left for my photo shoot.

So I leave you with a snapshot of my look at Friday, April 3 at 8pm.

Take care of yourself and welcome new readers.

Je vous embrasse.



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