A little ocher, sprinkled with a little dripping and boyish attitude


As usual I am doing in simple with my outfit today. This is an outfit that matches my expectations both in fashion, comfort and print.

Moreover know that it is this dress which tempted to Jordane I customize hers that you have seen lately in this article and which was worn by her and Fay. N'sqol - Orange is the new Orange II



For comfort, it is so easy to it is built like orange dress seen here. N'sqol - What I wear

Ma robe ocre imprimée
Ma robe ocre imprimée

So you can imagine that I do not like rendering on me as the other but I‘m really really stop to focus on such details to I tire myself to force the harping.

The point is that it is very cozy. Loved the ocher color of the tissue that is so stretchy and thick milano simultaneously.


N'sqol - Ocre, dripping et boyish attitude


This winter I wore a pair of opaque tights to brown my brown suede boots.

N'sqol - What I wear

I like the print and this one is made by me in the same way that top is in this article. N'sqol - What I wear

This is the same technique of dripping that is applied above and rendering pleases me enough.
N'sqol - Ocre, dripping et boyish attitude

There is a small spring air so I opted for a simple pair of bi-color leather derbies purchased from chauss min-max for the end of the sales there are 1 or 2 years.

Mes derbies de chez chauss' mini maxi
Mes derbies de chez chauss’ mini maxi

Fortunately I was able to enjoy balances because they are very expensive if not all shoes in Chauss min-max. The color was perfect for the dress.

I show you my hesitation for accessories and I finally chose the blue hat duck breaks the side tone on tone of my look, bought from « Zara man » who was offered to me. I found another hat too boring in the look.

N'sqol - Ocre, dripping et boyish attitudeN'sqol - Ocre, dripping et boyish attitude

My straw hat of an old collection Zara Man and blue hat duck Zara Male current collection.

Side bag I chose one that is a little leather briefcase spirit doctor bought in a garage sale that I use oftenbecause it has a handle and it’s easier for me.

Indeed it is for this reason that I have not used the bag yet « Parfois » I love to I wanted to take that day but I was tired and holding a bag can be distressing if I don’t have enough strength.

Mon sac Parfois
My bag Parfois

Voila, as usual I do in the easy and I prefer the comfort but know that if I had been I would have valid associated with this outfit above bag.

I leave you with a picture of my outfit with Jordane history to have made more « normalized ».


Ma robe ocre imprimée portée par Jordane
Ma robe ocre imprimée portée par Jordane


Take care of yourself. I kiss you.

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